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The Caughtery - The Caughtery (self-released)

31 July 2022

Three is considered a lucky number, it is for The Caughtery as these three tracks that make up their eponymous, debut EP are going to be the key that opens some very impressive and influential doors, I’m sure of it. There is something smart about making your first major release a slim and to-the-point collection of this size. Small enough to fit in your pocket, powerful enough to take your head clean off!

Across these three tracks, they say everything that they need to say. No wading through dozens of tracks to find your favourites, no superfluous sonic baggage, no filler, just three killer tracks that state what the band is about perfectly. Short, sharp and shockingly impressive, the perfect mission statement, calling card, musical teaser and tester of the waters.

And not only perfect in format but the three tracks found here are also damned near perfect too. “99 MPH” is a blend of blues rock and poised pop, groove and grace, power and poignancy. The sort of thing that the likes of Fleetwood Mac used to fire off effortlessly and it sounds as if The Caughtery barely break into a sweat either, so naturally does such soundscaping come to them.

“Dog” has more folky, acoustic concerns at its core but if you think this is just the same old troubadour nonsense, think again. There is an ornateness and musical eloquence here despite the space and understatement that runs through it. Finally, “Lockey Came To Play” is where they break out the big guns, an epic anthem built on barrelling guitar salvos, fantastic dynamic builds and lulls, sky-reaching vocal crescendos and beguiling beauty.

If the art of releasing such a compact and considered first chapter is to leave them wanting more, then consider it a job done. Not only do I want more…I want it now. I know patience is a virtue, but The Caughtery has cast such a spell on me, that patience is just going to have to take a back seat for a while.

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