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The Big Takeover Issue #88
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The Lords of Altamont - Tune In, Turn On, Electrify! (Heavy Psych Sounds)

3 August 2021

Having passed the twenty year mark, The Lords of Altamont now stand as veterans of L.A.’s always-thriving garage rock scene. Apparently under the impression folks might think they’ve gone soft in their advancing age, the quartet proceeded to make their most powerful, hardest-hitting LP yet. Tune In, Turn On, Electrify! cranks up the Detroit hard rock side of their personality, locating the mid-point between Nuggets and Funhouse and beating it until it passes out. Singer/organist Jake Cavaliere leads his latest crew through snarling blasts of tuneful aggression like “Movin’ (Goat’s Revenge),” “Living With the Squares” and “Blast For Kicksville” with the determination of an assassin and the gusto of a hungry bear. The band also gives love to its psychedelic tendencies with “Lost in the Future,” “Soul in Flames” and “Levitation Mind,” which, while hardly subtle, do give at least slight breathers before the pound again begins. Closing track “Mud (Wet Brain)” combines the two approaches for nearly six minutes of spine-warping sludge. Blowing past period on its way to amaranthine, Tune In, Turn On, Electrify! allows the Lords of Altamont to turbocharge the spirit of rock & roll.