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The Lovely Eggs - I Am Moron (Egg Records)

19 March 2020

So far, 2020 has tested our humanity, and will continue to for the foreseeable. New words have entered our vocabulary such as ‘self-isolation’ and ‘social distancing’. Society slides slowly into some warped version of the movie I Am Legend ..minus the zombies of course. Although certain sectors of the populous are acting completely brain dead, the hope we cling to is sparse but welcomed with open arms.

With all the in mind, the escapism of art is pumping and firing missiles of angst at the establishment. It is here that The Lovely Eggs become even more essential. Their upcoming album, the apt I Am Moron, a title perhaps thought of months ago which has nailed our post-Brexit, Trump dominated, virus infested world. 

Following on from their previous work, the acclaimed This Is Eggland, Holly Ross and David Blackwell return, more fired up and intense than ever before. This husband and wife team are joined with a chemistry, a bond of love, who work together within an aura of passion. And this translates beautifully into their work. 

This is the sound of the revolution. From the start it is the equivalent of pulling the trigger on an emotional machine gun, as it fires over a rampant twelve tracks. From the spacey “Long Stem Carnations” I Am Moron simply explodes with energy. The dreamy vocals and sixties style collage, builds into a vaulting knockout opener. With a landing “You Can Go Now”, brings the follies of our existence which have little basis on the scheme of our lives. “entertainment, you can go now..” . The war machine turns fully on “The Decision”, a punk blaze that brings the listener back to the premise of 1977 through a Tardis of subversive, ethereal attacks. “You Got The Ball” with its flowing mantra, is abstract activism wrapped in a catchy hook of repetition. 

Following that refrain, “Bear Pit” is the pin pulled from the grenade once again, and The Lovely Eggs take flight into a world of cutthroat distortion. The momentum is foot to the floor and this is where the outfit rules supreme. With a cascade of synths, one of the standouts “I Wanna” ignites with ideas. A slick cool wish list kicked out with that edge that pulls the listener in, name dropping Janis Joplin along the way. “24 Eyes” is more punk, that sails into the balladesque sci-fi  “The Mothership”, a soulful cry across the universe. The throbbing wall of addictive distortion “Insect Repellent” is joyous, not just the lowly insect that humanity needs a repellent against. “..investment opportunities repellent..”

A swipe at social media through the explosive, and short “Digital Hair”. The excellent “Still Second Rate” is the arm-in-the-air anthem for the working classes. Leading us into the longest track, the aching beauty of the bass driven “New Dawn”. The circle of life set to beautiful harmonies, and the nature that surrounds us in. In some respects completing the journey of the album. 

We as music lovers are slap bang in the territory of ‘best ofs’ for the year. No other album as yet has culminated the global mood so perfectly -the anger, the fear and of course need to fight back against a system which is failing us. But with all these ideals presented, the undeniable factor is that I Am Moron remains upbeat and even fun. Proving in this era music can still be wondrous. 

Long Stem Carnations   
You Can Go Now   
This Decision   
You’ve Got The Balls   
Bear Pit   
I Wanna   
24 Eyes   
The Mothership   
Insect Repellent   
The Digital Hair   
Still Second Rate   
New Dawn   

Due for release April 3rd. 
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