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Vlimmer - Pulmo (Blackjack Illuminist Records)

4 May 2020

Are there avenues of sound still to explore? 
Certainly, and thankfully there are acts such as Germany’s own Vlimmer. Endlessly pushing boundaries of electronic experimentation, and fruitfully continuing their labours with the latest EP Pulmo. Which contains recordings from the exquisite XIIIIII/XIIIIIII double set.

Straight out of the birthplace of the original species of electronica, Vlimmer presents four tracks of darkness. Songs that shiver within a doomed, dystopian world. Firing with the epic strains of “Phantompflug”. An intensity that breaks into a gothic paradise, tinkering on the edge of sanity. Reusing to fall into an abyss only monotonous tones, instead the melody feeds the dynamics perfectly. 

The funky bass of “Sonnenspeer”, winds into a different world than the previous track. A hopeful sound that retains the intensity with the echoed vocals that become hypnotic. “Wolkenkratzer”, stutters into the pages of an Orwell novel. This is Vlimmer at their very best, combining dreamy, unnerving imagery, against a sparse melodic landscape. There is no doubt that the creativity of Alexander Donat is firing on all sublime cylinders. As the choral, chanting break beats of “Parkjagd” push listeners further into his nightmare theatrics of noise. 

The closing and perhaps more minimalistic  “Lunguna” is the cream of the set. With an edge of venomous emotion, fed through a computer generated psychedelic machine. In truth, it is a savagely good listen. Dark, but enjoyable as the previous four tracks are. This however contains more obscure ambience noises woven between the beats. There is something refreshing about Vlimmer, something that fires the imagination, as their releases’ become more of an adventure than a simple journey of releases. 

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