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The Big Takeover Issue #89
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A. Sinclair - Pretty Girls (Self Released)

7 May 2014

After packing away his longtime project Frank Smith, Austin by way of Boston songwriter A. Sinclair, arrives umarred and anew with Pretty Girls. While the record bears minor resemblances to 2013’s Nineties, it’s leaner production/arrangements along with some twists and turns that are both unexpected and uncharacteristic of Sinclair are welcomed. “Throwing Up On The Ground” stands out, plainly displaying Sinclair’s distinctive outlook and ability to create an environment both vivid and latent. “Yeah Me Too” shines, shuffling calculated lines both honest and the opposite with off-the-cuff skill. “Shiny Things” and “Suit Up” bring along a few contemporary indie vibes and some dazed swagger to the mix. Overall, Pretty Girls makes for an enticing listen, further proving A. Sinclair to be one of Austin’s preeminent songwriters.

A. Sinclair