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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Randy Reynolds

Randy Reynolds is Executive Producer of the PBS music documentary series Hardly Sound, columnist for Side One Track One music blog and former leader of the Austin, Texas band Leatherbag. Before producing TV, playing in a band or music writing, Reynolds cut his teeth as music director for Sam Houston State University’s student run radio station KSHU 90.5 FM in Huntsville, Texas. Some of his favorites include: ESP Disk’ free jazz, Richard & Linda Thompson, Big Star, Flying Nun label, Krautrock, Memphis music et al, and American primitive. Reynolds lives in Austin, Texas with his wife and son.

Terry Allen - Lubbock (On Everything) (PoB)

11 October 2016

Lubbock (On Everything) is a classic.

Hiss Golden Messenger - Heart Like A Levee (Merge)

4 October 2016

From Poor Moon in 2011 to Haw in 2013 to Lateness of Dancers in 2014, HGM has done nothing but become more clear eyed and full hearted. The proof is in Heart Like A Levee.

Interview: Thousand Foot Whale Claw

27 September 2016

This past February, Austin’s Thousand Foot Whale Claw quietly released one of the best kosmische-laden albums of 2016. The BT spoke to Justin Goers (bass/synth/drum machine/guitar) and Adam Jones (synth/drum machine) through email about Austin, Holodeck Records and their newest album Cosmic Winds.

Ultimate Painting - Dusk (Trouble In Mind)

27 September 2016

It’s the kind of record that quietly sneaks in your life and softly demands to be played every day…

Deerhoof - The Magic (Polyvinyl)

28 July 2016

The Magic is an album by a great American band that both embodies and defies everything that came before them.

Jeff Parker - The New Breed (International Anthem)

28 July 2016

The New Breed is a high mark in Jeff Parker’s substantial catalog.

Stephen Steinbrink - Anagrams

25 July 2016

In 2016, there are few records as lyrically and musically rich as Anagrams.

Marisa Anderson - Into The Light (Chaos Kitchen)

14 July 2016

Into The Light scores those countless ever-changing landscapes Anderson can’t or won’t let go of.

75 Dollar Bill - Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock (Thin Wrist Recordings)

8 June 2016

L.A.‘s Thin Wrist Recordings has released the best album of 2016. The band is 75 Dollar Bill. The album is Wood/Metal/Plastic/Pattern/Rhythm/Rock.

William Tyler - Modern Country (Merge)

31 May 2016

Tyler returns to widen his expansive scope of Americana with Modern Country.

Steve Gunn - Eyes On The Lines (Matador)

31 May 2016

The path to enlightenment lies within.

Terry Reid - The Other Side of the River (Light In The Attic)

19 May 2016
The Other Side Of The River delivers on the promise of the genius we all believe sometimes gets lost on the cutting room floor.

Terry Allen - Juarez (Paradise of Bachelors)

17 May 2016

Terry Allen’s 1975 debut album, Juarez, is an existential Texican minimusical.

Daniel Markham - Disintegrator

28 April 2016

Disintegrator takes Markham’s already unique perspective, songwriting, and voice, and magnifies it by 1000.

Julianna Barwick - Will (Dead Oceans)

28 April 2016

On Will, each song is littered with Barwick’s unmistakable, magical grace while addressing the innateness of internal conflict within the mind.

Music of Morocco: From The Library of Congress - Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959 (Dust-to-Digital)

8 April 2016

When listening to Music of Morocco: From The Library of Congress – Recorded by Paul Bowles, 1959, it’s incredible to think about Paul Bowles and the journey that was made to capture these unique and utterly celebratory recordings

Interview: Noveller

5 April 2016

Noveller is the solo electric guitar project of Brooklyn composer/filmmaker, Sarah Lipstate. She’s responsible for Fantastic Planet, one of the finest albums of 2015 and has recently been the opening act for Iggy Pop on his latest tour.

Trad Gras och Stenar - Box Set (Anthology Recordings)

4 April 2016

This is Aurora Borealis on wax!

David Kilgour - Sugar Mouth (Flying Nun)

17 March 2016

David Kilgour doesn’t rest on his laurels. It’s just sometimes when you’re not busy looking back, it’s hard to remember the important works you leave behind you. Sugar Mouth is one of the those important works.

Spacin' - Total Freedom (Richie Records/TestosterTunes)

10 March 2016

In it’s own beer-soaked way, Total Freedom is as cutting-edge as Rock has gotten in a long while.

Glenn Jones - Fleeting (Thrill Jockey)

5 March 2016

Whatever Glenn Jones and Laura Baird experienced by the Rancocas in New Jersey, comes shining through on Fleeting.

Robert Pollard - Of Course You Are (Fire)

4 March 2016

Pollard continues along his trajectory on Of Course You Are with all his marvelous forces still in tact.

Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion (Sub Pop)

3 March 2016

With Heron Oblivion, Baird and Co. have created a Neo-Psych classic and one of the best records of 2016.

Rangda - The Heretic's Bargain (Drag City)

15 February 2016

The Heretic’s Bargain, is Rangda at its most eternal and precise.

Cross Record - Wabi-Sabi (Ba Da Bing)

1 February 2016

On Wabi-Sabi, Cross Record successfully generate something truly mystical.

Cian Nugent - Night Fiction (Woodsist)

1 February 2016
Night Fiction is a near perfect amalgam of past recordings and new ideas for Nugent.

Expo '70 - Kinetic Tones (Oaken Palace)

18 January 2016

Kinetic Tones is a glaring example of the talent of Justin Wright.

The Chills - Silver Bullets

31 December 2015

Not many can do what The Chills make sound so effortless. Silver Bullets was worth the wait.

Various Artists - Parallelogram (Three Lobed Recordings)

8 October 2015

Parallelogram is a 5 LP set featuring never before released works by Hiss Golden Messenger, Michael Chapman, Six Organs of Admittance, William Tyler, Kurt Vile, Steve Gunn, Thurston Moore & John Moloney (Caught On Tape), Alan Bishop/Bill Orcutt/Chris Corsano (Bishop-Orcutt-Corsano Trio), Bardo Pond and Yo La Tengo.

Salad Boys - Metalmania (Trouble In Mind)

7 October 2015

Whether the band’s every step is calculated or they’re completely unaware of their country’s underground rock distinctions and there’s just something in the water of Lake Te Anau that creates monumental jangle pop, doesn’t matter at all. Metalmania totally rips.

Kurt Vile - B'lieve I'm Goin Down (Matador)

5 October 2015

Vile has managed to tap into something that transcends indie trends and peers on B’lieve I’m Goin Down….

MV and EE - Alpine Frequency (Feeding Tube)

11 September 2015

MV and EE have achieved a career high with Alpine Frequency. They have cobbled both their influences and their own musical/spiritual path together into one permanent song. Many paths are taken here but they all lead to the same road, the golden bummer road to unlimited devotion.

The Woolen Men - Rain Shapes (Loglady Records)

11 August 2015

One of the finest EP’s by ANY rock band anywhere this year.

Barna Howard - Quite A Feelin' (Mama Bird Recording Co.)

31 July 2015

In a time where niche genres and artists are easily accessed and exploited, Barna Howard is a breath of fresh mountain air.

James Elkington and Nathan Salsburg - Ambsace (PoB)

18 July 2015

It’s almost shocking to hear guitars being played this way in 2015. Just when you think the instrument has nowhere left to go, you’re proven wrong by a pair of capable hands. Well, in this case, two pair of capable hands.

Joan Shelley - Over and Even (No Quarter)

18 July 2015

Over and Even is a quality record by a singer that has all the power and grace of a Linda Thompson or a Hazel Dickens. Shelley may even be one of the best female folk singers we have in America today

The Weather Station - Loyalty (PoB)

18 July 2015

Those in the know have been aware of Tamara Lindeman’s authentic charm for a while, but for the rest of us, her newest creation Loyalty is a revelation.

Bert Jansch - Live at the 12 Bar (Earth Recordings)

11 June 2015

Newcomers to and admirers of Jansch will be elated with_Live at the 12 Bar_. It’s a benevolent document of the man and the tremendous powers he possessed, even later in his career.

Daniel Bachman - River (Three Lobed)

11 June 2015

Bachman’s newest, River, is where all the labor he’s put into his work thus far, pays off and focalizes onto one singular piece of wax.

David Kaufmann and Eric Caboor - Songs From Suicide Bridge (LitA)

7 June 2015

Songs From Suicide Bridge is not just a record for collectors. It’s an album for anyone who’s put their heart and soul into something, to see it crash and burn.

Richard Thompson - Still (Fantasy)

4 June 2015

Much like 2013’s Electric, Still gives Thompson new context and the freedom he needs to continue chasing the muse.

Joshua Abrams - Magnetoception (Eremite)

4 June 2015

Magnetoception is Earth music. It doesn’t have a specific locale or grab from easily accessed niche genres. It is music that is living, persisting and actively developing: it’s also one of the best albums of 2015.

Koes Barat - Koes Barat (Sub Pop)

22 April 2015

On their self titled debut, Koes Barat, Alan Bishop looks to honor the music of a band made of up entirely of Indonesian brothers called Koes Plus.

Shirley Inspired (Earth Recordings)

21 April 2015

Shirley Inspired exposes the timelessness of Collins’ music and the traditions she served to test and sustain. The depth of each contribution speaks to her significance and signifies the room still left to explore within the realm of British traditional musics.

Simon Joyner - Grass, Branch & Bone (Woodsist)

17 March 2015

Grass, Branch & Bone is an album that is light enough to take in and dark enough to stay with you.

Norman Blake - Wood, Wire & Words (Plectraphone Records/Western Jubilee)

12 March 2015

The trailblazing music cited throughout his notable discography has contributed much to neo-traditionalist Americana history and his newest album Wood, Wire & Words, continues that.

Sir Richard Bishop - Tangier Sessions (Drag City)

6 March 2015

Exploration seems to be the theme throughout Tangeir Sessions, going to show that even the most transient musical forms can become infinite in capable hands.

Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic (Drag City)

5 March 2015

Hexadic finds Ben Chasney allowing himself room to freely express the boundaries of Six Organs of Admittance.

Soft Machine - Switzerland 1974 (Cuneiform Records)

4 March 2015

Switzerland 1974 is thrilling from start to finish. For those into fusion, prog, krautrock and/or face melting of the jazz variety, this is the release of the year!