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Archie Powell & The Exports – Great Ideas In Action (Good Land)

17 May 2012

Archie Powell comes across lyrically as a higher brow Dave Pirner, fond of simile but more poignant than silly partnered with fun rhymes. His storytelling is focused, relatable, and chock full of sharp wit. Pirner is the not the only Minneapolis singer that Archie Powell draws comparison to. His voice and exuberance recalls that of Paul Westerberg. With the sophomore effort to the solid debut, Skip Work, the band really is making a name for itself. “Metronome,” tells the tale of what most of Generation Y feels in their mid-twenties in words that most of us would not have thought to choose. The feeling that life is just “ticking away like a beat from a metronome”, aimlessly time goes by without making any real impact. The theme continues on but takes on different perspectives. “Crazy Pills,” goes heavy on the rhyming and goes wonderfully off the rails a bit to re-frame the old “you can’t succeed without trying” adage. The keyboard providing an excellent backdrop really elevates this great track. They serve as a welcome soul organ element. “I Need Supervision,” could be the theme song to me at 20. Riddling my life with poor decisions but without the wherewithal that Mr. Powell sings of to know that I need to be stopped. “Job Fair,” is self-explanatory and topical while “Only So Much You Can Do,” is a raucous pep talk.

Powell & The Exports have served up a fine brand of soulful, catchy rock. Great Ideas In Action grows on you more with every listen.