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The Big Takeover Issue #93

David Musto

David Musto spent 2008-2010 writing his own music blog where he wrote album and concert reviews, as well as revisited classic albums and artists and analyzed their place in the pantheon of popular music. He is currently the editor of Hannibal Collector a blog about the perils and passions of collecting. You can follow him on Twitter @TipSacredCows

The Jesus Lizard Book (Akashic)

20 December 2013

This is no mere coffee table book. While there are plenty of pictures, there is also a good amount of substance with autobiographical info, recording details, and a complete gigography.

Bare Mutants – The Affliction (In the Red)

30 July 2013

There is something instantly familiar and appealing about Chicago’s brightest new band, Bare Mutants, the prom band you’ve always wanted.

Heavy Times – "I'm Single" (HoZac)

8 November 2012

At under 7 minutes of running time, you’d be surprised at how much time you’ll want to spend listening to it.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – 'Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend! (Constellation)

15 October 2012

The band could have just done properly recorded versions of these songs and fans would have just ate them up but they fleshed out and perfected these sought after tracks.

A.C. Newman – Shut Down The Streets (Matador)

9 October 2012

Newman takes a wide left turn from the expected.

Marky Ramone's Blitzkrieg – Arcada Theatre (St. Charles, IL) – Friday, October 5, 2012

6 October 2012

The weren’t the Ramones but I didn’t hear any complaints.

The Tins – Life's A Gas (Self-Released)

2 October 2012

This trio is also capable of top notch quirky indie pop.

Nones – HoZac Hookup Klub 7” (HoZac)

29 September 2012

One of the very best 7” singles this year, Nones’ debut LP should be impatiently awaited.

Ringo Deathstarr – Mauve (Club AC30)

25 September 2012

The band is almost exactly the abandoned love child of My Bloody Valentine and The Jesus And Mary Chain and that is awesome.

Angel Olsen – Half Way Home (Bathetic)

7 September 2012

Angel Olsen cements a reputation as a skilled and soulful siren with heartstring-tugging songs.

Bob Mould – Silver Age (Merge)

28 August 2012

Mould has once again given us some Sugar, baby.

Wild Nothing – Nocturne (Captured Tracks)

18 August 2012

Just when you thought the dream pop revival was getting stale, Wild Nothing shakes it all up.

Bomb Gang Girlz – A Taste For Trouble (Sleazebox)

7 August 2012

A surprisingly good album full of cool tracks of the fun or sinister variety.

Koko Beware – Something About The Summer (Self-Released)

3 August 2012

So, maybe they took the album title from Best Coast but Koko Beware is the new title holder of best beach band.

River City Tanlines – Coast To Coast (Big Legal Mess)

27 July 2012

A short and satisfying journey.

Susanna Hoffs – Someday (Baroque Folk)

21 July 2012

The most complete and enjoyable album of new material Susanna Hoffs has ever released, including Bangles records.

Jen Schande – 19: Songs For & Inspired By Valencia Chapter 19 (Self-Released)

17 July 2012

Jen Schande opens a nineties time capsule and reminds us what we’ve been missing.

Soul Asylum – Delayed Reaction (429)

12 July 2012

An album that turns down the volume a bit still has some rambunctious moments.

Tomahawk Returns From Five Year Hiatus

9 July 2012

With new bass player, the experimental rock supergroup returns with new album and tour.

Mission Of Burma – Unsound (Fire)

4 July 2012

Burma returns with their finest effort in 30 years.

Ami Saraiya & The Outcome – Soundproof Box (Self-Released)

20 June 2012

In less deft hands, all the style-hopping would just seem that the artist was trying to show off but in the hands of Saraiya, it all makes a weird kind of sense.

Fear Factory – The Industrialist (Candlelight)

13 June 2012

Cold, calculating, angry, and everything you want from a Fear Factory record.

The Men – Singles Going Home Alone #3 (Matador)

4 June 2012

The Men deliver the best Matador subscription single so far. No surprise because they’re great.

The Cult – Congress Theater (Chicago, IL) – Friday, June 1, 2012

3 June 2012

Energy in the building was kind of uneven in the early going, akin to the slow build the the band walked out to but the slow start was more than negated by the rails coming off in the end, in the best way possible.

The Cult – Choice Of Weapon (Cooking Vinyl)

20 May 2012

The spirit doesn’t die.

Archie Powell & The Exports – Great Ideas In Action (Good Land)

17 May 2012

Powell & The Exports have served up a fine brand of soulful, catchy rock that grows on you more with every listen.

Airiel – Kid Games (Shelflife)

15 May 2012

It had been a long five years, waiting for any release from Airiel, and this has not been a disappointment. Would a full-length be preferable? Yes, but in this case, quality trumps quantity.

David Daniell & Douglas McCombs – Versions (Thrill Jockey)

10 May 2012

Second album from Tortoise member and experimental guitarist balance bombast and drone.

Rammstein – Allstate Arena (Chicago, IL) – Friday, May 4, 2012

5 May 2012

I can honestly say that I have never seen anything quite like this and may never again. But I’m sure as hell going to try.

Japandroids – The House That Heaven Built (Polyvinyl)

24 April 2012

A lot of energy come out of the duo on the fourth entry in their 7” series.

The Electronic Anthology Project – Of Dinosaur Jr (Self-Released)

19 April 2012

As I think most fans of Dinosaur Jr would, I went into my first listen with great trepidation.

Jon Porras – Black Mesa (Thrill Jockey)

10 April 2012

Ambient drone with more in common with post-rock. Records like this, when done well (as this certainly was), become kind of a Choose Your Own Adventure.

Rocky Votolato – Television Of Saints (Self-Released)

3 April 2012

Since the death of Elliott Smith, there is been a gaping hole in my musical heart for a singer/songwriter of gorgeous emo rock. Here, Rocky Votolato submits his application.

OBN III's – Singles Going Home Alone #2 (Matador)

31 March 2012

A brief cross-section of material from Austin’s answer to Jay Reatard.

Ministry – Relapse (13th Planet)

24 March 2012

There are no Bushes to be burned but still Relapse excels when making a point and drills it into the listener’s head and the loudest voice gets heard.

Lee Ranaldo – Between The Times And The Tides (Matador)

13 March 2012

Traditional pop song structures filtered through the artistic mind of Ranaldo make for great results.

Andrew Bird – Break It Yourself (Mom + Pop)

6 March 2012

Bird delivers an album that invites you in and embraces you in a completely unawkward manner.

The Men – Open Your Heart (Sacred Bones)

1 March 2012

Big, boisterous hardcore sound collides into pop sensibility and explodes to form The Men’s brilliant third album.

The Chrome Cranks – Ain't No Lies In Blood (Bang!/Thick Syrup)

26 February 2012

This record beats you like a blunt instrument and finishes you off.

Moonlight Bride – Twin Lakes (Self-Released)

20 February 2012

One shouldn’t need prodding to listen to this abundantly melodic EP with just the proper amount of fuzz.

Gigantour – Aragon Ballroom (Chicago, IL) – February 10, 2012

13 February 2012

I won’t even attempt to follow that with some sad, blurry cell phone pics taken from the balcony. I will, however, regale you with some words.

The Melismatics – Mania! (Pravda)

12 February 2012

The Melismatics are so palatable that even the most sour critic will have a tough time not becoming enamored with their irresistible brand of indie pop.

Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra – The West Will Rise Again (Ruined City Birdsong Combos)

6 February 2012

Shifting back away from the heavier rock of their latest LP, this release delivers some mostly excellent results.

Better Than Something: Jay Reatard

1 February 2012

What makes this film special is the rare opportunity to chronicle an emerging punk rock artist on his ride to stardom only for him to fall and never live to see his legendary potential.

pacificUV – Weekends (Mazarine)

30 January 2012

The album is supposed to evoke the feeling of the end of a relationship. And since it is not as fun as the start led me to believe, I guess that makes sense.

Young Jesus — Home (Self-Released)

26 January 2012

In our jaded times, Young Jesus proves that Home can be where the heart is.

Lacuna Coil – Dark Adrenaline (Century Media)

23 January 2012

The album is good on the whole but the band’s celestial aura is fading.

Buck Satan & The 666 Shooters – Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink Free (13th Planet)

17 January 2012

Al Jourgensen’s country alter ego has delivered his best non-Ministry effort in ages.

The Big Pink – Future This (4AD)

10 January 2012

While not nearly as bombastically poppy as their debut, there are still moments of big fun but also some surprisingly poignant moments worth experiencing.

Raekwon – Unexpected Victory (H2O)

3 January 2012

Victory? I don’t know. But definitely not defeat.