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Bastard Noise - "Young World" (Love Earth Music)

Bastard Noise Young World Love Earth Music
7 October 2014

Rising from the primordial ooze of prehistory, Bastard Noise return with another textured onslaught of powerful caveman electronics.

“Young World,” a lone forty-five minute track, celebrates the mysterious Earth before an asteroid hit what is now the Yucat√°n peninsula, forever altering the planet’s life cycles. Beginning with a vocal prologue that comes across as black noise with its ominous drone and shouted, piercing vocals, the piece quickly evolves into a soundscape of origins, with pulsing frequencies, blaring tones and fluttering static coming together to produce a new world teeming with miraculous, organic life. As the sounds become stronger, louder and more consistent, foreign, gigantic beasts rise from the mud and battle for dominance among the sweltering jungles and volcanic mountains that mark the land. Eventually, there’s a lull, the calm before the storm while gently drifting continents sleep, but soon the Earth is enveloped in chaos, hellfire and stone, and the mighty creatures that once ruled are left to create oil deposits that will cause men to wage war millions of years later. The world is left to pick up the pieces and reassemble, the genesis of an entirely new path of life that will eventually dominate and decimate.

As “Young World” winds down, the epilogue poses the question, “What if it missed?” What if it had? Would we all be rodents living in fear of giant bird-lizards? Or would we be reptilian by birth, the mythical Annunaki in the flesh? While we will never know, we should never forget where we came from because, if it had missed, things would be looking a lot different on this third planet from our sun.