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Pacanomad - Restless EP (Self-Released)

5 October 2014

Pacanomad are a Canadian band hailing from London, Ontario. The group originally began as the project of duo Nick Cifaldi (guitars) and Chantel Rivard (vocals) and eventually grew into the quartet around today, adding bassist Dave Ball and drummer Zack Stewart. The band sounds like an alternate world where Led Zeppelin had long ago reunited, Amy Winehouse was still alive, and both artists were supporting each other in what could only be described as a dream combination; Rivard’s smoky vocals wrapping effortlessly around the hard-edged R&B riffs and solos of Cifaldi’s guitars, aided by the powerful augmentation of the rhythm section.

On their debut EP, Restless, the band sounds like they have been playing for years, and in a way they have, but not to the extent to which these songs suggest. The title track, “Restless,” sandwiched smack dab in the middle of the EP, contains a chemistry produced by the band which can’t be faked; emotive guitar solos ensnared by even more emotional vocals. Pacanomad truly sound like a group with all the instruments and history of a hard rock band playing soul and R&B, and against all logical thinking, it works wonderfully. On songs like “I Lost You,” one can easily imagine it being washed with horns and back up singers if not for the crunging, distorted guitars. Restless is an enrapturing EP and a wholly satisfying first listen from a band with a lot more to offer.