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Big Takeover Issue #83
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bitter's kiss - S/T (Self-Released)

1 April 2015

bitter’s kiss is a daughter and father duo from New Jersey, comprised of Chloe Baker and Michael Baker. Culling influences from Regina Spektor to Carole King, Chloe’s melancholy singing and lyrics would be considered maudlin by even the likes of Morrissey, and the jangle of the guitars brings to mind a slight touch of Johnny Marr as well. She even captures the “on the outside looking in philosophy” of Moz on songs like the light Skiffle, “No One Will.” Her youth is not a hindrance but an insight, and her lyrics feel like you’re reading one’s private diary.

Every song here feels just as deeply personally as they undoubtedly are from the suicide of a distant cousin on “The Rope” to her older sister going off to college on “Too Far Too Fast.” It’s possible to say it’s all the result of a little needed experience, but that’s what makes it so fascinating of a document, like a snapshot of a specific time and place we all go through. And only too often is such a phase of life forgotten and disowned. There even if recognition of this on the most upbeat song here, “Lovin’ Life.” Overall, this album will remain an invaluable first record for wherever bitter’s kiss career takes them.


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