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Bomb Gang Girlz – A Taste For Trouble (Sleazebox)

7 August 2012

After 25 years, the protégés/background singers of My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult finally have their chance in the spotlight. TKK producer and architect Buzz McCoy isn’t leaving the Bomb Gang Girlz out in the cold, however. His production is even more consistently dynamic on A Taste For Trouble than it has been in maybe a decade. However improbably, original Girl Jacky Blacque is back in the fold after 10 years or so. The track “Sez Who” is as fun as any of TKK’s best. This is not simply because of the collaboration with the other half of TKK, Groovie Mann, providing duet vocals with BGG newcomer Beki Colada. It has a groove and attitude that rivals the classic “Sex On Wheelz” or 2009’s amazing “Death Threat” title track. In general, guitars are more pronounced than they have been in recent TKK releases and, though I realize that they are still very prevalent, the existence of keyboards sounds less artificial. Maybe the focus is there because this is a project 17 years in the making. The Hit & Run Holiday record from 1995 was originally supposed to be a BGG record and “Sez Who” certainly wouldn’t sound out of place on that album. Stellae Suicide takes the lead on “Sono Ultra”, an excellent disco track. Yes, such a thing does exist. The release would feel incomplete without some “disko”. There’s even some pretty sixties-style R&B pop with “That Guy”. But the BGG get back to their roots on “Want”, where carnal thoughts come to the forefront. A surprisingly good album with cool tracks of the fun or sinister variety. From TKK and the Bomb Gang Girls, I wouldn’t have it any other way.