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Bright Garden - The Light (Bright Garden)

Bright Garden - The Light
8 December 2015

This Milan, Italy trio only formed in 2013, but they look like seasoned veterans on their CD photo. They play like it too; in fact, their bio’s claim that their music “[pursues] a classic punk sound” with “alternative rock’s reminiscences” is spot-on. To wit, The Light’s opening “T.E.O.” has a clean yet colossal, Nirvana “Smells Like Teen Spirit”-educing crunch, while follow-up “Sweet Life” fuses a Sex Pistols ferociousness with a faster, Clash-like fire. While the LP’s nine numbers don’t vary much in style, each is demanding and draining. And though you’ll need a lyric sheet to grasp guitarist/vocalist Fabio Migliavacca’s syllable-stressing English pronunciation (e.g., “prayer” is “prah-yee-hair”), and his weather-beaten, world-weary words depict a middle-aged man’s encroaching doubts, his singing is as ardent and absorbing as a Johnny Lydon/Joe Strummer amalgam. (



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