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Chrystyna Marie - Loaded Gun EP (Self-Released)

1 February 2016

Chrystyna Marie is a Canadian-born musician, originally hailing from Toronto. After a stint in LA pop group, Greencat, Marie decided to go it alone, and the result is her new EP, Loaded Gun. Comprised of three additional songs built upon the eponymous lead single, “Loaded Gun,” the EP is a grungy, cinematic take on the blues. There’s a distinct *Lynch*ian feel to songs like “Loaded Gun,” proving that the whole EP would make the perfect soundtrack for a smokey, black and white film noir drama.

Although, the EP is rooted in raw blues, it serves more as a jumping off point; it’s more about the moodiness of the genre than the style itself. Songs like “The Tower” are far closer to alternative pop, but the stormy tempestuousness of it all makes it feel like a distant cousin to soul greats like Otis Redding and Etta James.

The most straightforward blues track here, however, is also one of the greatest on the EP. “Down The Road” is gutsy and primeval in its rawness, and comes straight from the well of Marie’s emotional depths. Loaded Gun is as ambitiously captivating of a debut as one could hope for, and the EP is out February 29th.