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Cordova - Runaway Summer (Self-Released)

14 June 2018

New Mexico’s hard rock quintet Cordova have released their sophomore effort entitled Runaway Summer, and in many ways this EP is a major leap forward for the band; improving upon the sound, production, lyrics, and cohesion as a whole since their 2016 debut Staring at Fire. A thunderous explosion of heavy guitar riffs and pounding drums, Cordova’s sound is augmented with impassioned vocals from Oliver Charity who bares his soul on every song and imbues them with an emotionally vunerable quality rare in the genre.

Most of the songs share one thing in common, and it’s that they’re all about the difficulty of navigating this brave new world while attempting to reconcile with the disconnected past. “Hiding” is the most direct of these, and it’s compelling narrative of a father concerned about the future in store for his son. Language, or rather miscommunication, in this era is another typical theme here. “Trigger Happy” is about today’s all too common issue of speaking before thinking, while “Weighted” deals with the social anxiety that results from too much information. In just four songs, Cordova makes a bold statement at a blisteringly fast pace with Runaway Summer, and sets a precedent for their next full-length album, whatever that may be.


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