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Dark Model - S/T (Model Electronic)

3 June 2014

Dark Model is the alter-ego of Tatsuya Oe, a.k.a. Captain Funk, an electronic artist based out of New York. Opening for the likes of David Bowie and Kraftwerk, it makes sense with the former’s love of theatrics and the latter’s refined sense of electronica. In fact, if you were to take the two artists, and throw in a classical background as well as some modern tastes, you may have the weird brainchild that is this instrumental album. It’s cinematic, massive, lumbering, and above all, impressive.

A lot of this obviously sounds perfect for not only clubs but commercial work, films, and television. However, it does leave the question of when the average listener on their own can listen to it. It’s certainly a remarkable album, but it isn’t something one would necessarily listen to while nodding off to sleep or having a quiet dinner party. Driving. That’s what this music is perfect for, and to prove it, I tried it myself, and I was right. Alone in the car, feeling powerful and “badass”, and at your most *Alan Partridge-esque, air-drums and all; that is the truest home for this album.

It certainly is some powerful, masterful music, but it’s something that is best taken in small doses for risk of it all blending together. For sheer risk of your mind spinning out of control alone, it’s worth taking a little bit at a time. It’s an impressive mix of orchestral arrangements and electronica, so much so it’s almost overwhelming. Unless you’re one prone to panic attacks like myself, it’s really just best to dive headfirst into. There’s a lot of ground to cover, and the sheer scope Tatsuya has created is incredible, but Dark Model is well worth the effort and time.