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Eddie Spaghetti - The Value of Nothing (Bloodshot Records)

15 July 2013

The biggest surprise about Supersuckers leader Eddie Spaghetti‘s newest solo album, The Value of Nothing, is that it’s his first solo turn with all-original material. It’s not for lack of quality material on Spaghetti’s part; he’s always been an excellent songwriter, even if his talent’s been obscured by silly behavior and his persona. His wit has always been part of his charm, and it’s in full effect here, but it’s startling to hear deeper, darker material like “Empty,” where he comes clean in a very straightforward manner about a multitude of sins, or “When I Go, I’m Gone,” easily one of his most introspective numbers to date. “If Anyone’s Got the Balls” may have a funny title and that trademark wit, but underneath the song’s skin is Spaghetti at his most unapologetic and most personal. He can still churn out a fun rocker, like “Waste of Time” and “Fuckin’ With My Head,” even if he’s being rather confessional and introspective. The Value of Nothing is a deep record chock-full of great music and a surprising depth that proves that even a funny guy can produce some great heart-felt music. It might not receive the accolades it deserves, but it’s one of this year’s musical surprises.