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Eric Frisch - Late in the Night EP (Self-Released)

26 June 2017

New York City musician Eric Frisch is back with another handful of sunny indie pop gems. His latest EP, Late in the Night, is released only months after his most recent full-length Music Under The Sea, and continues much in the same vein, but with a small twist. All of the four songs here have been recorded live in studio, in a single take, leading his band of backing musicians (for the most part) on piano. Consequently, the songs have a looser, impromptu feeling, but they are also surprisingly well-formed and as solidly produced as any of the best ’60s sunshine pop.

The tracks were recorded in the space of a single night, hence the title, and it gives the EP a warm and hazy late-night atmosphere. The lyrics of “As Long As I’m Alive” were completely improvised during the recording, and thus it’s definitely more impressionistic than anything, but still holds up as the perfect mood-setting opener. “Turn On Your Light” was recorded last at four in the morning, but nevertheless it stands out as the EP’s most energetic and ebullient track. Late in the Night is a wonderfully fresh concept, if only a slight addition to the artist’s larger body of work. Think of it as Eric Frisch’s Basement Tapes.


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