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Factory Star - New Sacral (Occultation)

17 August 2012

New Sacral is a six-song mini-album from British rockers Factory Star, which is led by Martin Bramah, the founder of Blue Orchids (as well as a founding member of The Fall), but Bramah’s not one to retread those sounds. The six songs found here can be divided into two distinctive styles: fast, jaunty, organ-propelled slightly rockabilly numbers, and slower, darker, melancholy post-punk fare—reportedly the intention of the band, and one that works for the vinyl format. Both sides are enjoyable, in different ways; it’s hard not to have a smile on your face when you hear the band going at it full throttle on “Up and On,” “Olympian,” and “Incorruptible,” and it’s obvious that they’re fun songs to hear live. The flipside’s songs are darker and are a bit of a shock after the first three numbers, and they remind instantly of Bramah’s Blue Orchids work, with the spoken-word “Strangely Lucid” being a satisfying listen, while “Weird World” and “Super Real” take you to a less comfortable place. For those not familiar with Factory Star, New Sacral is a fun, fine introduction.


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