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Jody Cooper - Serenades & Odes to a Cracked World Part 1 (Self-Released)

7 June 2017

Jody Cooper is a singer-songwriter from England by way of Germany, influenced by the pop classicism of The Beatles and Neil Finn. A troubadour-style musician with both a long and varied career and discography, his latest release is the full-length Serenades & Odes to a Cracked World (part 1).It’s difficult to speak definitively on this record, because this is really the first part of two, and any review, in a sense, would be at least partially incomplete considering we, as of yet, don’t have a full picture. However, with what we are given, it is possible to see the formations of Cooper’s concepts of disintegration (this record), and integration (part the second).

Overall, Cooper’s goal is an energetic one, with the ultimate aim of getting the public to “start engaging with the problems around them in an attempt to make a positive change.” Luckily, the songs do not disappoint. Cooper is a lively and heartfelt singer whose delivery is so earnest he can make work what other singers could not. A song like “I Forsake The Joneses” would be trite with most, but it’s a rollicking slice of pop in his hands, along with others like “It’s Alright” and “You Can’t Make It On Your Own.” He also proves to be just as adept with ballads like “One” and “Don’t Know You Now,” ultimately molding Serenades & Odes to a Cracked World into a cohesive well-rounded effort that will stand the test of time on its own from its eventual sequel.


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