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Kinder Than Wolves - Mean Something EP (Bandcamp)

Album cover for Mean Something by Kinder than Wolves.
5 June 2016

Orlando’s Kinder than Wolves are a trio that inhabit the hazy space between dream pop and ambient music. They certainly sound unexpected for a group from Mickey Mouse and Sunshine land. Their rain-spattered, gray atmospherics are more what you’d expect from the Northwest US or the UK. All three band members are audio engineers, who wrote and created this EP as an entirely DIY and collaborative effort that was produced, engineered and mixed by vocalist/guitarist Jaime Coley in the band’s home studio. “Hazel Days” is the first single, a dreamy confection that emotes from within and invades your senses.

“Mean Something” offers up the same ethereal quality of sound that Hammock excels at; it is contemplative and deeply felt, yet the melody is airy and expansive. It is also rather trippy; if you ask me, it hovers closer to psych-inflected pop than shoegaze. “Weapons” is bright and shiny, with evocative lyrics and sweet layered vocals. “Hover” has a bit more energy and is spiked with slight hints of Chameleons styled guitar, and may even remind you a bit of what DIIV is doing these days. “Make You Feel” starts off downtempo and moody, and escalates to soaring post rock by the song’s middle. In summary, I like this EP of contemplative and lovely songs, and I definitely recommend it for fans of the aforementioned bands as well as fans of Metric, Daughter, and Now Now.

Catch up with the band on their Facebook page and check out this EP on Bandcamp.


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