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Koko Beware – Something About The Summer (Self-Released)

3 August 2012

For the year’s most summer-y album, look no further than Something About The Summer from the awesomely ridiculously named duo, Koko Beware. Man, I love eighties wrestling references. If the title does sound familiar, it’s because you probably like this style of music and have heard “Summer Mood,” from Best Coast. Koko Beware is a bit more surf with a twist of B-52’s. Maybe it’s the relocating to Athens, Georgia that influences male half of Koko, Ryan Beresch, to provide such a decent, though less irritating, Fred Schneider impersonation that is most evident on “Pretty Girls,” and “Stayin’ Alive,”. Beresch and Ashley Plocha combine for some really good moments like “Beach Babe”, where Plocha provides the punch while Beresch wails from behind, or the dual lead harmonies on “All I Think Of,”. However, it is on the Ashley Plocha-led “Feed Me”, “I Just Wanna Dance”, “Stay”, and “All Alone,” where the album really takes off. Her tracks are unabashedly sappy and, despite being very fifties-inspired, not radio-friendly for that age. “Stay,” is lovely and even sweet during the outro phase “It’s so nice to see you naked”. “All Alone,” is your classic apology track, though the infraction in question was acting “shitty”. That’s the kind of strange juxtaposition that I really enjoy. So, maybe they took the album title from Best Coast but with Something About The Summer, Koko Beware is the new title holder of best beach band. I wonder if they have a parrot…

Beach Babe


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