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Luca Bash - Single Drops EP (Self-Released)

7 June 2015

In 2014, Rome recording artist Luca Bash released an ambitious series of four EPs, collectively known as CMYK, and fittingly titled individually, Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Key Black. His newest EP, The Single Drops is a cherry picked compilation of one song from each release in addition to a new song, Your Tomorrow.” Opening with the latter, the EP begins strong with a pensive vocal delivery and a finger picking style of playing reminiscent of Nick Drake. The song holds up strongly among what feels like the best songs from a large body of work.

The arrangement of every song is incredibly bare; just acoustic guitar and voice, with some great, florid lead guitar courtesy of collaborator Giova Pes. The sparseness of songs like “Forever Like Asleep” allow not only for an incredible feeling of intimacy, but it also lets Bash’s beautifully poetic songwriting come out to the forefront. A common theme that keeps popping in his lyrics is a confrontation with religion, as in one of the EP’s highlights, “Dear John,” an open letter to the papacy. Single Drops is a great introduction for any newcomer of Luca Bash’s music, and will only serve as an excuse to delve further into his discography.


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