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Mike Comfort - Pretty Sweet Stuff (Smoothhead Records)

9 August 2016

After more than fifteen years and six albums, California musician Mike Comfort recently put out Pretty Sweet Stuff, a compilation of some of his best songs spanning his entire career. Aided by a band including Chris Holmes (guitar), DJ Farrell (drums), Jonathan Stoyanoff (bass), and Brandon Mains (guitar), the band displays an eclectic taste with influences ranging from The Cure to Neil Diamond. Needless to say, it makes for quite an original sound evident throughout the length of the record; an album that also shows the growth and evolution of the artist.

Pretty Sweet Stuff is full of bittersweet romantic ballads such as “Story Of Your Smile” and “Unreal,” and broody and heartfelt musings like “Free” and “Here With You.” Although the title might seem like a throwaway, it nevertheless remains an apt one, because the cherry-picked nature of the album produces a very dynamic and engaging product, from the philosophical touches of “What It Means” to the alt-rock anthem “Disarray.” Over the course of twenty songs, Pretty Sweet Stuff offers a glimpse at the sizable and impressive body of work from a musician whose heart is clearly worn on his sleeve at all times.


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