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Mind the Journey - Color In The Gray Machine (Self-Released)

17 December 2015

Mind the Journey is the psychedelic project of Boston-based musician Spencer Sabo. Produced by Sabo in his own home studio, Color In The Gray Machine is the follow up to his previous EP and is his first proper full-length. Unlike other more traditional contemporaries, Mind the Journey follows in the footsteps of bands like Tame Impala and Ariel Pink; updating the psychedelic sounds with a great deal of modernity. In fact, Sabo has even take the idea a step further. With some wonderful layers of hypnotic synths, the album has truly taken the genre completely into the 21st century.

Some songs are classic guitar-driven psychedelica, like “Dream Demon”; while others seem like synthpop sends ups with traces of chiptune, like “Interdimensional Romance.” Sabo’s voice isn’t perhaps as strong as some of his influences, but the focus here is more on textures and an overall style than perfection and complete undiluted artistry. The entire record has the potential to become a minor lo-fi classic, and for a debut, Sabo’s vision is incredibly concise and focused. Color In The Gray Machine is out January 5th.


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