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moduS ponY - Dandelion Isle (Self-Released)

6 August 2015

Hawthorne, CA’s moduS ponY is back with their newest EP, Dandelion Isle. Essentially the solo project of multi-instrumentalist, Matt Ackerman, moduS pony is self-described as “straddl[ing] the line between intellectual and visceral, creating music that is at once groovy, catchy, and a little weird.” This album literally seems to embody this idea as half of the songs (“shoes, shirts, service,” “maP of the hitS”) are more traditionally-structured pop songs whereas the other half (“transaction blisteR,” “temple mischieF”) is comprised of experimental, under-a-minute dalliances with loops and samples.

The EP is, at its core, foil for the lead single “shoes, shirts, service,” a quirky pop song with simple, repetitive lyrics and dead-pan Fred Schneider -like vocals that could be a B-52’s or Devo studio outtake. The short, experimental numbers are often so minimal and quaint, it’s difficult to adequately review them, but in the context of the EP they serve as the perfect bookends. “maP of the hitS” is based around a basic, repeating theme that sounds like a band’s soundcheck, but the idea itself is catchy and memorable, while “nut-like flavor” delivers and succeeds with the same concept.

Dandelion Isle is unassuming, and, at times, slight, but it consistently proves to be another thoroughly enjoyable addition to moduS ponY’s already impressive oeuvre.


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