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Moonlight Bride – Twin Lakes (Self-Released)

20 February 2012

I’m not sure of what to write about this release past how much I enjoy it. It makes too much sense to listen to. One shouldn’t need prodding. Sonically, Moonlight Bride resides in my musical wheelhouse. Twin Lakes, like its predecessor LP, the joyous Myths, is abundantly melodic with just the proper amount of fuzz. My favorite track is #1, “Diego”. It’s got a little slowed down surf action to it. “Lemonade,” is a college radio wet dream. The bassline is exceptional and helps build to a climactic segue into noisefest “Versinthe,”. “Drug Crimes,” is far more pleasant than the title would otherwise indicate. The final track, “And The Death Ship Had A New Captain”, is the longest song on the EP and it provides quite a big build up of its own, complete with a chant that I took as the Death Ship’s mutiny call. 2012 is poised to be a breakout year for the band as this is the first of several releases slated to come out this year.

Check out “Lemonade,” at their Facebook page.