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MPTHY - The Golden Boy (Self-Released)

5 December 2015

MPTHY is the solo project of Boston musician Mikael Hirsch, who also happens to be a scientist by day. Influenced by 80’s goth and new wave, MPTHY’s newest release The Golden Boy will have fans of bands like Depeche Mode and The Cure recognizing familiar traces in his sound. The album was originally intended to be a double EP, but he decided to expand it to a full-length. Similar to New Order’s Brotherhood, the record is split into two moods: the first half being relatively straight-up electropop, while the second half is more introspective and acoustic, and the lyrics more personal.

The first side is full of some fantastic, hard-edged pop; from the moody, atmospheric “Verity,” to the Pulp guitars and cheap synths of “H-H-Heartbreak.” “Live 2 Fly” is a wonderful take on early, drum-machine driven goth music, and “Momento Mori” is probably the purest dance track here. Side two feels like a somber comedown in comparison with its predecessor, but there are some moments of great beauty to be found on songs “Scenes From A Marriage,” and “Dangerous Love.” Released earlier in October, The Golden Boy is definitely a record worth checking out.


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