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My Autumn Amor - Letters To Brie (Self-Released)

13 August 2018

My Autumn Amor is the new solo project of singer-songwriter Thomas Monroe, a native to California, and his debut EP, Letters To Brie, is a refreshing blast of sunshine at a time when it’s needed most. With hooks as large as his power-pop riffs, Monroe is ostensibly influenced by the synthesized Beatlesque melodies of Oasis or Cheap Trick, and the inherent easy-going poppiness somewhat belies the craft going into the songs. Sure, the themes of love are fairly straight-forward and cyclical, but paired with Monroe’s message of spreading positivity, it’s an intention that hits at the subconscious, releasing an instant rush of endorphins.

The title, Letters To Brie, suggests a certain element of autobiographical truth, and there’s definitely a confessional quality to love songs like “Caught Me With Your Brightside” and “Sweetest.” Unaffected and earnest, Monroe’s lyrics are admirably wholesome, even on the comparatively aggressive “Come Over,” and he sings with a universality which will immediately appeal to just about anyone who has ever been in love before. From the effusively charming “Gabrielle” to the Killers influenced “In A Scene,” Letters To Brie is a standout example of bedroom pop from an artist who so very clearly wears his heart on his sleeve.


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