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Big Takeover Issue #83
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Napolleon - Napolleon EP (Metal Postcard)

Napolleon Metal Postcard
22 May 2015

Indonesian psychedelic gods, Napolleon, deliver an astounding debut of heavy, effects-laden mind bending.

Right from the beginning, Napolleon resides in mushroom space growing in atmospheres of acid. This isn’t the paisley pop of Nuggets Vol.II, it’s the flashback inducing rock of The Psychedelic Salvage Company compilations. Delayed, fuzzy, wah-wah guitars waft over tight rhythmic grooves that border on funk, drowning out stoned monotone vocals. Each song is better than the last, delving deeper into kaleidoscopic heavens as they progress. Sadly, there are only four tracks, so it’s more of a DMT getaway than a full-blown lysergic vacation.

Indonesia may not be known as a bastion of psychedelic rock, but Napolleon have arrived to correct that error. Hopefully, the full-length comes soon, because…WOW…


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