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Nuclear Santa Claust - Je Ne Sais Claust LP (Don Giovanni)

Nuclear Santa Claust Je Ne Sais Claust Don Giovanni
25 February 2015

Returning for their second full-length, filthy Brooklyn punk rockers, Nuclear Santa Claust, prove that the old hardcore sound can still be infectiously exciting in this jaded day and age.

Je Ne Sais Claust successfully harnesses the blazing two-minute song dynamic without aping tired rehashers of dated Reaganites. Solid Tommy Ramone drumming keeps the songs straightforward, even when veering off into high-octane insanity, while the overdriven bass hints at The DescendentsTony Lombardo’s deceptively impressive chops. Gritty guitar riffs galvanize Ramones chording with Misfits darkness, but tastefully pull out some Pagans-style riffs to keep things interesting. The vocals sound like Joey and Dee Dee Ramone chanting in unison: tough, confident and fearless. It’s an immediate punk rock classic that remains consistently excellent from beginning to end.

When your belly’s full of beer and you’re craving that punk rock fix on the stereo, blast Nuclear Santa Claust at full volume and forget that life sucks for twenty-three minutes.


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