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Pearl Necklace - Soft Opening (Smalltown Supersound)

20 February 2013

Pearl Necklace is a Brooklyn-based electronica duo formed by Bryce Hackford and Frank Lyon, and Soft Opening is their introduction to the world. In listening to their dynamic debut, it’s clear that they’ve probably listened to their share of two or three other famous electronica duos, especially Mouse on Mars and Matmos. Their music is glitchy, yet with a dance element that is easy on the ears and a pleasure to listen to on repeat. Whether it’s the slinky, sultry groove of “Did You Feel It?” or the fast-paced robotic “Doorbell,” it’s hard not to smile at their groovy charm. They occasionally slow it down, like on “Wist” and “Why Toto?” and when they do they lose the groove, but the sounds are still interesting and compelling. Soft Opening is exactly that; a soft opening into the world of Pearl Necklace.