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Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You" (Self-Released)

Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You"
13 January 2017

Ramsey is an enthralling electronic noir artist and rising star who lives and breathes in the dark shadows of the City of Lost Angels.

Her powerfully intimate and dramatically raw vocals and emotions are riveting as she stalks with expressive intent through her music. The deeply nocturnal ambience of Ramsey’s electronic-based sonics slowly unfolds while her vocals transfix with an electrifying magnetism.

Starting exactly a year ago, Ramsey began releasing a run of vivid singles that she composed, performed, and produced, quickly building up viral hits at SoundCloud, rapturous critical praise, and a fervent fanbase at Facebook and other social media sites.

Listerners have connected with Ramsey’s tormented, yet alluring take on love, possession, obsession, power dynamics, betrayal, and break-ups. She is a prisoner of, and ultimately, a survivor of love in all its twisted brilliance.

The stakes are high, lyrics-wise, with Ramsey’s music and she meets each challenge head-on with her viscerally erotically-charged vocals, baring her vulnerable emotions and words to the world, yet still retaining a mysterious core. Therein lies the thrill of Ramsey as an artist, a performer, and a person.

Ramsey offers a new track today, “Love Surrounds You”, an optimistic title which belies its central subject of corrupted innocence. This lit single is another slow-drip stunner from her, packed with Middle Eastern-tinged flitting and fluttering percussion and Ramsey’s sinuous, siren-call vocals that rub up against a darkly menacing, trip-hop beats-driven atmosphere.

Her sweetly tainted, heightened tone becomes one with the instrumentation, while her drawn out phrases like “eat my sin”, “sacred high”, and “let my shape consume you” float forsakenly through the foreboding, miasmic netherworld…

Ramsey is readying for the release of her debut EP due out February 24th. Six songs made the cut, including “Love Surrounds You”. Essential listening for 2017.


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