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The Big Takeover Issue #94

Jen Dan

Jen Dan is an established and enthusiastic music writer who currently edits the News/Premieres section at this website. She publishes premieres, writes reviews and news, and interviews acts/artists for various music sites, including Rebel Noise, Stereo Embers Magazine, and The Record Stache. She is also the owner of Stratosphere Fanzine Yahoo Group and gives feedback to bands/singers at Fluence. She has written extensively for Delusions Of Adequacy and has contributed to Northern Transmissions, Indie Music Review, and more music sties. A long-time reader of The Big Takeover magazine, Jen is excited to contribute to both the magazine and website. Her focus is on rock of all kinds, dream-pop/shoegaze, and post-punk/darkwave music, but she is not limited to those genres.

Suede - Autofiction

Suede - Autofiction (BMG)

27 September 2022
Tamino 2

Interview: Tamino

13 September 2022

Fast-rising and mesmerizing Belgian-Egyptian songwriter, musician, and singer Tamino generously took part in a Q&A while visiting NYC to promote his contemplatively compelling upcoming 2nd LP, Sahar.

Eugene San of Go With Strangers

Interview: Eugene San (Go With Strangers)

31 July 2022

Malaysian musician Eugene San (Kojira, Gene Shanzo, Mint Cherry) soars to the stratosphere with scintillating alt-/dream-rock sonic propulsion as new project Go With Strangers.

Pia Fraus - 2

Interview: Pia Fraus

17 December 2021

Acclaimed Estonian dreampop/indie pop outfit Pia Fraus recently released a freshly re-recorded compilation album that celebrates their debut LP.

The Raging Nathans

Song Premiere: "I Could Never Fall in Love With You" by The Raging Nathans

18 May 2021

Dayton, Ohio-located punk band The Raging Nathans release a dynamic, yet dreamy track from their upcoming fourth album.

Toni Halliday - Roll The Dice EP

Toni Halliday – Roll The Dice EP (EMI Production Music)

1 April 2021

Mesmerizing singer/songwriter Toni Halliday (Curve, Chatelaine) returns with music made for sync deals, but tantalizes with her alluring vocals.

Ain't About Me

Aint About Me – Aint About Me

14 December 2020

Poetic wordsmith Lukasz Polowczyk and his top-notch ensemble unveil a mesmerizing, meditative, and metaphysical album.

Moon Attendant - One Last Summer

Moon Attendant - One Last Summer (Graveface)

11 October 2020

A new indie/retro-psychedelic rock ensemble has launched in the form of this Brighton, UK super-collective named Moon Attendant.

Gangstagrass - No Time For Enemies

Gangstagrass - No Time For Enemies (AntiFragile)

11 October 2020

Acclaimed Brooklyn bluegrass/hip-hop trailblazers Gangstagrass take a stand on their latest socio-politically relevant album.

Lush - Press Kit Photo 1

A Guide To The Recordings Of...: Lush

19 May 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the captivating, lyrically insightful shoegaze/dream-pop/guitar-pop band Lush(1987 – 1996 and 2015 – 2016).

Curve - Photo Credit: Anxious Records

A Guide To The Recordings Of...: Curve

26 March 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the mesmerizing, compelling electronic rock/alternative guitar-rock band Curve (1990 – 2005).

Cranes - Photo courtesy of Dedicated

A Guide To The Recordings Of…: Cranes

2 March 2020

Big Takeover writer Jen Dan revisits the discography of the cinematic, atmospheric rock/dream-pop/electronic band Cranes (1986 – 2008).

The Muffs 2

An Incandescent, Irrepressible Spirit: A Tribute to Kim Shattuck

8 October 2019

The Muffs (new album out soon!) and The Pandoras frontwoman shined brightly in the garage rock/punk music world and is dearly missed.


Song Premiere: "Something I Like" by Meyru

22 May 2019

NYC-based indie rock trio Meyru balance laid-back and fiery rock on their latest single from their forthcoming album.

Noah C. Lekas – Photo Credit: Elizabeth Lekas

Noah C. Lekas: Saturday Night Sage

13 April 2019

Poet, essayist, and (music) journalist Noah C. Lekas releases his debut book that explores mysticism and menial labor in contemporary America. The collection of narrative prose arrives April 13th via SoCal label Blind Owl Records, with various artists contributing short films to accompany each poem. The Big Takeover hosts the premiere of one of the videos for poem “Steamroll the Sky” featuring the gritty glory of New York City.

L to R: Mick Conroy, Moose, Miki Berenyi, Justin Welch of Piroshka - Photo Credit: Neil Stewart


14 December 2018

Miki Berenyi (Lush), Moose (Moose), Mick Conroy (Modern English), and Justin Welch (Elastica) unite as stellar and relevant new indie rock/dream-pop band.

Stewart Anderson of Boyracer and child - Photo courtesy of Emotional Response

NEWS: Veteran independent act Boyracer releases new politically charged video - GO VOTE!!

6 November 2018

Original member Stewart Anderson (Emotional Response record label), Jen Turrell, and more rev it up with call to unite and vote!

Alright Alright - Nearby album cover

Alright Alright – Nearby (Hooves and Sugar Record Co.)

12 October 2018

Denver-based alt-folk/Americana duo Alright Alright release a heartfelt and engaging debut album via Hooves and Sugar Record Co.

Historian - Distant Wells

Historian – Distant Wells (Self-Released)

24 September 2018

LA-based post-rock/orchestral/folk experimentalist Chris Karman unveils a distinctive, reflective, and hybrid album.

David J - Photo Credit: Judy Lyons

David J (Bauhaus, Love and Rockets, solo artist)

22 August 2018

David J, solo artist and renowned co-founder of Bauhaus and Love and Rockets, recounts his time in Bauhaus, his upcoming world tour with Peter Murphy, the re-release of his second solo album, and much more.

Silhouettes and Statues: A Gothic Revolution

Silhouettes & Statues: A Gothic Revolution – 1978 -1986

10 July 2017

Cherry Red Record’s 5-disc box set Silhouettes & Statues encompasses the Gothic revolution of the late ’70s to mid-‘80s, capturing the spirit of an essential era in (musical) history.

Saint Etienne - Home Counties

Saint Etienne - Home Counties (Heavenly)

2 June 2017

Quintessentially British band Saint Etienne takes a leisurely, but keenly observed stroll through the English suburbs on its new album

Slowdive - Slowdive

Slowdive - Slowdive (Dead Oceans)

29 May 2017

Seminal UK shoegaze giants Slowdive returns with a resplendent and raved about album over two decades after its previous album.

Kilbey Kennedy; Photo Credit: Martin Kennedy

Martin Kennedy (Kilbey Kennedy, All India Radio, Pray TV)

27 May 2017

Australian master soundscaper Martin Kennedy details his long-standing Kilbey Kennedy collaboration Steve Kilbey (The Church), their fantastic new album Glow and Fade, and his highly regarded downtempo/ambient music project All India Radio.

Kilbey Kennedy photo by Martin Kennedy

Song Premiere: "The Game Never Changes" by Kilbey Kennedy

26 May 2017

Renowned Steve Kilbey (The Church) and Martin Kennedy (All India Radio) join forces once more on an epic and transporting track from new album Glow and Fade.

Secret Shine - There Is Only Now

Secret Shine - There Is Only Now (Saint Marie)

8 May 2017

Seminal indie shoegaze/dream-pop band Secret Shine returns with the gloriously dreamy and sublimely spectacular There Is Only Now.


Nate Jespersen (Ultrviolence)

21 April 2017

Nate Jespersen of post-punk/darkwave Ultrviolence reveals details about the band’s resonant, restless, noir sound, his magnetic vocals and therapeutic creative process, and riveting upcoming EP.


Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog)

9 March 2017

Cristina Martinez of New York City garage/punk/blues rock legends Boss Hog (with husband Jon Spencer) reveals details about the creation of upcoming album Brood X and her NYC memories.


Dean Garcia (Curve, SPC ECO, S T F U)

27 February 2017

Dean Garcia, the musical mastermind behind Curve (with Toni Halliday on vocals) and SPC ECO (with his daughter Rose Berlin on vocals), chats candidly about his collaborative projects, the current political/cultural climate, and his creative mindset.

Ramsey - Ramsey EP

Ramsey - Ramsey EP (self-released)

24 February 2017

Daring electronic pop noir artist Ramsey enthralls with her darkly rich, powerfully raw, and riveting debut EP.


Black Honey

8 February 2017

Izzy Baxter, the engaging frontwoman of UK indie rock band Black Honey, spills the latest details about the act’s ascendant trajectory.

Vaureen - Violence EP

Vaureen - Violence EP (Self-Released)

3 February 2017

Brooklyn-based alternative rock band Vaureen displays its captivating range with a 3-song cycle of psych-rock, sludge rock, and shoegaze-tinged post-rock.

COTE; Photo Credit: Jen Trahan


18 January 2017

Brooklyn-residing indie pop artist COTE brings her singer-songwriter chops and elegant, expressive vocals to her classic (circa 1970s) music.

Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You"

Ramsey - "Love Surrounds You" (Self-Released)

13 January 2017

Electronic noir artist Ramsey offers another slow-burning stunner that features her tormented, yet alluring vocals.

Rein; Photo Credit: Jasmin Storch

Song Premiere: "Missfit" by Rein

12 January 2017

Swedish electro-punk queen Rein unloads a ferocious new single that packs an aggressive, yet exhilarating punch.

MIss Ohio - White Hot: The best of Miss Ohio

Miss Ohio - "14" (Pyrrhic Victory Recordings)

11 January 2017

Long-standing NJ-based band Miss Ohio delivers American indie rock at its finest on its new single.

Rykarda Parsol; Photo Credit: Glass Coffin and popshop60sand70

Video Premiere: "The Loneliest Girl in the World" by Rykarda Parasol

9 January 2017

Rock noir artist Rykarda Parasol reveals a bittersweet video shot in Paris, France for her latest richly stark single.

The Velvet Hands; Photo Credit: Brian Robinson

Song Premiere: "I Don't Mind" by The Velvet Hands

16 December 2016

British indie rock newcomers The Velvet Hands exude classic Stones ‘n’ Strokes laid-back swagger on their 4th single.

Hank Midnight; Photo Credit: Chloe Mossessian

Song Premiere: "Sterile Robes" by Hank Midnight

14 December 2016

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter Hank Midnight gently shines on his lyrically disquieting alternative folk single.

Shane Henry and Maggie McClure; Photo Credit: Chris Jensen

Video Premiere: "When I'm Home" by Maggie McClure & Shane Henry

6 December 2016

Singer-songwriters Maggie McClure (pianist) and Shane Henry (guitarist) collaborate on their new holiday-themed live performance video.

David Gedge of The Wedding Present; Photo Credit: The Wedding Present

David Gedge of The Wedding Present

1 December 2016

David Gedge, the renowned British veteran musician/singer-songwriter and founder of the indie rock/post-punk band The Wedding Present, is still going strong with a new double album.

Fassine - band

Song Premiere: "Feather Jesus" by Fassine

24 November 2016

UK-based cinematic trio Fassine fascinates with a haunting track from its upcoming 2nd album Gourami.

We Three And The Death Rattle; Photo Credit: Paul Reno

We Three And The Death Rattle

14 November 2016

Amy Cooper and Jon Bennett of the UK-based indie/garage rock trio WTATDR dig into the details of their striking and seismic sound and upcoming second album.

The Blue Poets; Photo Credit: Olff Appold

Song Premiere: "For a God" by The Blue Poets

11 November 2016

German-Australian alternative/blues rock band The Blue Poets, led by master guitarist Marcus Deml, bows a resonant, smoldering rocker.

Darrin James Band - Strange Storm

Darrin James Band - "Strange Storm"

9 November 2016

Darrin James trenchantly tackles timely American topics on his sonically dynamic and lyrically-blistering new single.

Phoebe Nir - Side Hustle EP

Song Premiere: “Lust for Life” by Phoebe Nir (cover)

4 November 2016

NYC-based creative Phoebe Nir brings a brash enthusiasm to her colorful cover of an Iggy Pop classic.

Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Light

Gabriel Wolfchild and the Northern Light – “Runaways” video

14 October 2016

Gabriel Wolfchild sends a powerful, positive, – and timely, message into a world that is in dire need of unity and peace.

CousteauX - EP

CousteauX – “The Innermost Light” (iTunes)

26 September 2016

Liam McKahey and Davey Ray Moor of reformed CousteauX spotlight their darkest, starkest cinematic track yet.

The Urban Renewal Project Camp Lo

The Urban Renewal Project – "Don’t Ask Y" feat. Camp Lo (Self-Released)

19 September 2016

Thirteen-piece musical collective The Urban Renewal Project teams up with hip-hop duo Camp Lo for a laid-back, but swingin’ single.