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The Chills - Pyramid / When The Poor Can Reach The Moon RSD Single (Fire Records)

Album cover for The Chills Pyramid/When The Poor Can Reach The Moon
30 April 2016

Ooh, another special release from Dunedin’s coolest band. I could not resist reviewing this long and really neat single when I found out about it just over a week ago. “Pyramid/When The Poor Can Reach The Moon” stretches to 8 minutes and is like a musical suite rather than a single song. There are many moods and styles evoked here, from chamber pop to the off kilter music found on Kaleidoscope World. It shows that while Martin Phillipps has evolved as a writer, he knows how to twist in that old classic sound under the modern production of this song, and indeed, last year’s fabulous Silver Bullets album. Martin’s thoughtful lyrics flirt with acoustic guitars and that wonderful ever present organ flitting through the mix. There are many ideas here, all worthwhile and it achieves the magic one remembers from “Doldrums”, or maybe “This Is The Way”. There is sometimes a childlike innocence to Martin’s work that I find delightful, and despite the serious tone of many songs, the music always lifts you up.

Added on to this single are two alternate and exclusive versions of “Night of Chill Blue” (Brave Words) and “Walk On The Beach” (Sunburst) that were recorded at Karma Sound Studios in Bang Sarai Thailand in 2013. “Night of Chill Blue” is one of my favorite Chills songs, from my absolute favorite Chills album, Brave Words. This version has haunting violin with better production values and is simply marvelous! “Walk On The Beach” is a lesser known song (for me, anyway) and it also soars like the best Chills songs. The instrumentation is gorgeous and the recording is pristine. In summary, this is a must own addition for the library of any self-respecting Chills fan!