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The Kiss That Took A Trip - Electroforest (Self-Released)

16 December 2014

Madrid’s The Kiss That Took A Trip is the solo project of M.D. Trello. Inspired by the likes of Brian Eno and Steve Albini, Trello has released a new experimental album, Electroforest. There’s a dreamy, shoe-gazey quality to the songs here that sounds like if Jim Reid fronted New Order instead of the Jesus and Mary Chain. There’s plenty of moody and noisy JAMC guitars on largely instrumental songs like “Tidy Up You Pig,” but there’s also some beautiful ambient tendencies, perfectly melding synths and guitars on songs like “Electroforest: entrance,” and “Champions of Delay.”

The songs build and unfold slowly and beautifully, in a similar New Order or Cure way. Occasionally there are lyrics, but the lyrics themselves seem no more important than the instrument. In fact, they mostly play a subservient role. Less ambient but no less experimental than Eno, the songs that make up Electroforest sound like sieved versions of commercial pop songs, as if they had been stripped of everything but their pure essences. There’s moments of great beauty as well as great dissonance, but each song here has the power to take you to that place perfectly. It’s a large, expansive, and at first glimpse, overwhelming album, but Electroforest is an experience worth delving head first into.


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