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The Long Dark Road - Self-Titled EP (Self-Released)

11 March 2017

The Long Dark Road is the newest of many projects by Toronto musician Jeremy Cavan. Influenced by Deafheaven, The Long Dark Road’s recent self-titled EP is the result of a series of events in Cavan’s life, including debt, homelessness, and a divorce. Cavan, intent on not burying the emotional weight of his songs, added melodic structure to a backbone of black metal and hardcore to produce something ultimately more valuable. Although it comprises just four songs, the EP is no small offering—the title track alone surpasses the ten minute mark, and the shortest track is just shy of seven minutes long.

Given the circumstances, not one of the four tracks is especially rosy in regards to lyrical content. The opener, “Tragedy of the Commons,” another near-ten minute dirge verging on prog rock, deals with a dystopian concept of complete private economic control. Another track, “I Will Follow” deals with the willingness of the exploited, and the willingness of those in power to exploit. Clearly, Cavan isn’t afraid to tackle complex political and societal subjects that are not exactly well-trodden within the metal community. More of a brisk album than an extended play, The Long Dark Road may have too much shoegaze in it to satisfy traditional metal fans, but has enough merit to attract newcomers as well as those searching for something a little weightier than normal.


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