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The Morning Birds - Bloom EP

9 July 2014

The Morning Birds, a duo comprised of Jennifer Thorington and Samuel Markus*are releasing a new EP with a really interesting concept. Sounding like an earthier, silkier version of *Wild Belle, the Bloom EP is comprised of one eponymous song but accompanied by five different remixes, each representing a different time of the year—Indian summer, winter, spring, summer, and fall. It may just be the power of suggestion, simply because they’re telling you what season each remix is meant to represent, but each version does indeed sound so remarkably accurate and fitting, if one were to take the names off and ask a listener to decide which corresponds to each season, undoubtedly the listener would be able to figure it out.

But the beauty of this EP is that you aren’t restricted, or meant to be restricted, to listening to any of the remixes within the dates of their titular seasons. The titles merely represent the feelings and atmosphere of each given time, something limited only by your own frame of mind. For instance, if it’s indeed summer as it is now, but you’re feeling perhaps the opposite—cold and alone, and in need of some chilly companion—then “Winter Bloom” may be perfect for you, or if it’s the opposite—you find yourself in the depths of Winter and in need of an escape—“Summer Bloom” is the best cure.

Each version is remixed by a different DJ around the world, and obviously each is more than up and adequate for the job, but luckily the original “Root Mix” is just as strong as any other subsequent mix. This EP is meant more for picking out an individual track at a time, but each one is so unique and different in its own way that you just may find yourself listening to the entire thing the whole way through without realizing you’ve been listening to the same song six times. It’s really that good. The EP will be released August 12th.