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The Slit Plasters - "Nuque Épaisse" 5" flexi (Chorizoloco)

The Slit Plasters Nuque Épaisse Chorizoloco
28 June 2016

Nancy, France’s Slit Plasters return with a brief blast of their signature psychotic fury on a limited one-song flexidisc.

Literally translated as “thick neck,” “Nuque Épaisse” perfectly encapsulates the twisted garage sound that has continually made these mysterious Frenchmen so compelling. A jagged staccato guitar assault shifts to driving spy movie sneer, alternating back and forth like some lost Halo of Flies attack complete with howling, unhinged vocals. It’s so good, it stands on its own without the need for any unnecessary filler b-sides.

The Slit Plasters are on a roll, delivering three of their strongest songs on last year’s Quick Dynamite Party! 7” EP and now this. Now where’s that full-length we so desperately crave?


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