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Waiting For Sunday - The Windsor Effect (Self-Released)

27 June 2016

Vancouver foursome Waiting For Sunday was formed around longtime friends Dan Hudson and Matt Gauld. Their second album, The Windsor Effect, was released late last year and quickly solidified their unique brand of progressive, mathematical rock. Jammier then a group like Television but just as angular and calculated, the band finds the potential for punk within classically trained ability. Sure, the flutes on a song like “The Love Is Gone” are too hippieish for anything from Marquee Moon but there is a great moody and emotive spirit that runs through the entire length of the album.

Most of The Windsor Effect is filled with jazzy progressions and the efforts of a full band, but occasionally they divert into stripped acoustic ballads (“Tell Me That You’re Mine”), and even traditional bluesy romps (“Chasing Youth”). Yet the band is at their strongest on the stormy theatrics of poppy melodramas like “Details” and “Oh, The Night.” Given the occasional schizophrenic nature that occurs halfway through the record, it’s possible this could have worked better as a cohesive, long-ish EP, but The Windsor Effect nevertheless remains the product of a lot of forward trajectory from a still young band.


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