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White Wives – Happeners (Adeline)

20 November 2011

Not familiar with White Wives? Neither was I, since they are part of a different sect of music that I usually don’t mingle with. Anti-Flag members Chris Head and Chris (#2) Barker make up half of this group, wait, don’t stop reading. Stop being such a snob. White Wives demonstrate really anthemic songwriting chops with very interesting concepts and influences, mainly from the Provo Movement of the 1960’s. “Indian Summer, Indian Summer”, based on a Henry Adams quote, is a really welcoming eye opener. The message of “Paper Chaser,” is a lot more obvious but certainly poignant five decades later. The track itself packs a good punch as it emotes anger and teases vengeance, chanting, “we will get fucking paid,”. We can hope, guys. And what album about counterculture would be complete without a little Kerouac, as in the solid “Let It Go,”. It comes equipped with tight guitars and a tempo that lets you go at just the right intervals. Altogether, Happeners sounds like it has a place among some of the more revered indie rock groups of today and it proves that they are more than just power pop punks. So, give it a whirl.


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