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Winchester Revival - Burden's Landing EP (Self-Released)

14 February 2015

Winchester Revival are an indie rock band from Oakland, California. On their new EP, Burden’s Landing, the band channels a cocktail of influences ranging from shoegaze, post-punk, and even a little bit of flirting with goth. Similar to a group like Television, Winchester Revival take droning melodies and guitar proficiency and apply it to a punk or post-punk frame. “Diligence” is the best example of this, guitars swirling and floating, seemingly just barely latching on to the rhythm but still manages to remain hypnotic nonetheless. The album opener, “Last Night In Tokyo,” finds the band sounding remarkably like Interpol, mixing in some fantastic Western guitars.

“Keep It Together” itself is the most experimental track here, a two minute drone built upon textures and haunting looping vocals. There always lies a current of electronic synths at the underbelly of their sound, but it comes out to the forefront the most on “Ides of January” and the bubbling “Salamander.” Winchester Revival, however, has truly saved the best for last on “Ice Water,” where the band shows how adept they are at working dynamics, moving effortlessly from whispering quiet to ear blowing distortion. They truly have worked a fantastic amount of range into a short six song EP, and it might just feel like you’ve been on a roller coaster ride. Burden’s Landing will be out March 3rd.


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