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World War IX - Off The Wagon EP (Megaplatinum)

World War IX Off the Wagon Megaplatinum
3 June 2013

Thee mighty World War IX return with their second EP, five more songs recorded by their best lineup to date.

WWIX fans are gonna be so happy when they hear this. It’s all the frenzied Damaged-era Black Flag worship you could hope for without the teeth-gnashing, utter bleakness that so defined that classic album. Here, Filthy Phil shouts like the bastard love child of Ron Reyes and Dez Cadena about Mexican food disasters, cars, drinking and even zombies, punctuated by Justin Melkmann‘s grinding chord changes, which are further propelled by Jon Kleinman‘s secretly syncopated drumming and Brian Jackson‘s Chuck Dukowski-esque bass delivery. It’s like the best hardcore punk band you never heard of from the early ’80s time-warped to modern times and laid down the law.

Five songs that clock in at barely nine minutes – you know what you’re in for. Crack open that beer and annoy your neighbors cuz you’ve got nothing better to do.


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