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Kristen Sollee: December 4, 2005

  1. Bell Hollow – Bell Hollow (Bell Hollow)

    Bell Hollow, a new Brooklyn-based band, invokes all of the moody, ethereal elements of The Cure, Cocteau Twins and Radiohead. The dark, emotionally wrought songs on their demo might lull you into sweet submission for a moment, but the unexpected turns into dissonant territory will keep you on your toes. Vocalist Nick Niles’ haunting tenor recalls Thom Yorke, Dave Gahan and Morrissey and maintains the atmospherics while adding a touch of bitterness to the equation. And unlike some bands in the post-punk/shoegaze vein, Bell Hollow does not indulge in those extended repetitive sonic explorations that run the risk of losing the listener. Incidentally, the band features former Big T writer Greg Fasolino on guitar, and was given a glowing review by veteran dark rock music journalist Mick Mercer. You wanna listen? You know you do…

  2. Dita Von Teese

    I’ve loved this sexy fetish model/burlesque revivalist ever since a friend of mine introduced me to her exquisite figure in high school (long before her dalliances with Marilyn Manson.) This recent interview on Suicide Girls shows her to be just what you want your stars to be: sweet, humble, open and innovative. That’s right, you can still be all those things and swim around naked inside a giant martini glass for a living.

  3. Gaijin Geisha

    Gaijin Geisha is fabulous Japan/Geisha-inspired wear with a splash of goth and punk thrown in for good measure.

  4. Good Night, and Good Luck (PG)

    There is nothing that strikes fear into my heart like government sponsored censorship of the media. This phenomenal film, written and directed by George Clooney, focuses on the tail end of Joseph McCarthy’s reign of terror and how CBS anchor Edward R. Murrow fought back by reporting the abuses and deprivation of civil rights that the HUAC and said Senator were sanctioning. Unfortunately it rings all too true today. Just replace “communism” and the HUAC with “terrorism” and The Patriot Act we’re all caught up to 2005!

  5. iTunes Essentials: Goth

    I would have expected the selections for this to be way worse than they are. Aside from the obvious fact that making lists by genre is bound to get you into trouble, the list is still pretty decent. But it wouldn’t be worth mentioning if there weren’t some hilariously off-the-mark choices. “Zombie” by The Cranberries?! Portishead? PJ Harvey? It only gets worse. Nitzer Ebb’s “Join in the Chant”? Ministry’s “Stigmata”? Those are just crazy. Crazy I tell you! How many industrial fans out there are completely sick of having the clubs that play your music advertise themselves with only a mere slash separating your beloved genre from goth? “Goth/Industrial” is the bane of many a rivethead’s existence for sure. Two completely different genres, two completely different aesthetics – got it, iTunes?

  6. The Naked and The Dead – “Taboo”

    Great little number from this NYC deathrock band from the 80’s. Sorta like JuJu-era Siouxsie and the Banshees meets Christian Death with a more tuneful version of Dinah Cancer on lead vox.

  7. Dead at 27 Dead at 34

    This theory, courtesy of Brendan Evjen from the band Twilight of the Idols, states that rockstars do not die from drugs or drug-related deaths at the age of 27 any longer, as Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, or Kurt Cobain did, but instead at 34, as Elliot Smith, Layne Staley, and recently, David Reilly of the band God Lives Underwater, have. I guess rockers are learning to curb their addictions a little better, thereby putting of their demise another 7 years until their careers are more fully developed. If this trend continues, maybe these guys will start dying at normal ages in the future!

  8. The Alternative (Sunday, Wednesday, Thursday VH-1 Classic)

    The Alternative brings together all kinds of music from the 80’s and 90’s with no particular aesthetic in mind, except for the fact that the videos must be by ‘alternative’ bands. (No stupid genre distinctions here!) In one episode, for example, they played KMFDM, Coil, Spacemen 3, Depeche Mode, Nirvana, Sugar, Ministry and Babes In Toyland. Yay for variety!

  9. Radio Ghoul School

    The best internet radio station for deathrock, glam, punk and other good stuff along those lines. Go here to get it.

  10. Memoirs of A Geisha (PG-13) cosmetics line by Fresh

    This movie isn’t out yet (the previews look amazing, don’t they?!), but the cross-promotion by Fresh can give you a little taste of Japan (and force you to spend money, if you’re a sucker for Japanese-related stuff.) There’s sake bath oil, shimmer body powder made with crushed pearls, rice face wash and a bunch of other stuff that you’d think geisha’s would use. Go here to get it!