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Kristen Sollee: February 26, 2006

  1. Bell Hollow at The Delancey
    In Bell Hollow’s case, it isn’t a bad thing to be better live than on record. I very much enjoyed their demo, which I reviewed a few months back, but the band’s moody, well-crafted songs that verge on the ethereal had the added benefit of a heavy, ballsy underpinning live, through drummer Hayden Millsteed and bassist Christopher Bollman’s driving rhythm section. Greg Fasolino’s guitar was spare and reverb-heavy, filling the Delancey with a wash of minor chords, and Nick Niles’s vocals were stronger and more playful than on record – the soaring high notes were shimmering and pitch perfect. While there was nothing fancy or extravagant about Bell Hollow’s performance, no bells and whistles or matching outfits, (which I have no objection to!), there wasn’t really a need for it, as the band’s music is more of the low key, hypnotic (yet powerful) transportive sort. The best songs of the evening included “Bodies, Rest and Motion,” “Lowlights,” my favorite off of their demo, and “Our Water Burden,” which garnered a few enthusiastic audience shout outs when it was introduced. Bell Hollow is definitely a band to watch for live…
  2. The Cult on Craig Ferguson
    Yes The Cult are back, and after catching their performance of “Wild Flower” on TV last night, I can safely say the band sounds great. Can’t wait for the March 26th show at the Nokia Theatre!
  3. Welcome to the Club: The Women of Rockabilly
    Beth Harrington’s informative and inspiring documentary covers the ladies of rockabilly and pre-rockabilly that never seem to get their due. Features interviews with Janice Martin, Wanda Jackson, Lorrie Collins and a bunch of other gals who were real rnr pioneers…
  4. BKLYN Magazine
    It’s free and all about Brooklyn. What more could you want? This month’s features a cover story on the “beautifully grotesque” art of Wangechi Mutu.
  5. Leaks from Axl Rose’s Chinese Democracy online
    I am paralyzed with excitement. “Better” actually sounds really promsing. (And in case you’re wondering, I’m not a closet metal head, I’m out and f***ing proud!) Glad you’re back, William.
  6. Dir En Grey Breaks into America
    After years of massive success in Japan, one of the Visual Kei originators (they now say they’ve moved past the genre) have finally set their sights on America with a full-on US release of Withering to Death. They don’t sing in English, but when did that ever matter?
  7. Tokidoki
    Although all the adorable products designed by Tokidoki look super Japanese (their company name means “sometimes”), they actually are Italian. Check their t-shirts, skateboards, pins, iskins and LeSport Sac stuff out!
  8. Netflix
    Wow, I am so behind the times. Could Netflix be any cooler?!?
  9. Shoxx Magazine
    Everything you ever wanted to know about Visual Kei and dark Japanese rock but have to get your Japanese friend to translate for you. Get a subscription here.
    More Japanese rock stuff, I know, when will I stop? Well, probably never. This site has all kinds of CDs and gear by Visual Kei bands. Click here.