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Matt Lee: July 27, 2014

Top 10 July 2014.

Note: All my top 10s are non-hierarchical. Everyone is a number 1!

  1. New Swears – Candy Land (Bachelor)

    Sneak preview of the baddest and raddest boys from Ottawa from their forthcoming album on Bachelor, scope this hilarious video of them rumbling with fearless freaks of the O-town scene.

  2. Silver Dapple – I Hate My Birthday (Forchristsake)

    Silver Dapple has lobbed another gem of bliss rock at us, in this tight little cassette EP. Each song sparkles and throbs with dashes of all the best 90’s referenced fuzz. There’s a strain of early Flaming Lips to the guitar sounds that really gets me. Singer/guitarist Emily Deimert has an effortless laconic style to her vocals that sit on the driving, well crafted tunes perfectly.

  3. The Great Sabatini – Dog Years (Sludge Hummer)

    The most compelling sludge band out of montreal lob another bomb at your ears and soul with their shiny new full length Dog Years. They are reaching new plateaus with every release and this new collection is just so fucking heavy it makes my neck hurt just sitting in this chair listening to it. Just a perfect album, it takes it’s place for me along some essentials to me, like Cursed ’s first album, or High On Fire ’s best work. Unique in a hard genre to twist, The Great Sabatini continue their ear-bleedingly long reign as the vanguard of envelope pushing heavy music north of the border.

  4. Hands & Knees – American Cheese (Independent)

    Boston’s Hands & Knees are a long time fave of mine, I’m overjoyed that they are back with a new cassette brimming with pared down, instantly catchy rootsy punk jangle. Total feel-good shit that still carries a strong dose of intensity, these nine tunes whip by fast, inviting many repeat listens.

  5. Hurry – Oh Whitney (Independent)

    Gorgeous teaser for a soon to drop full length, Philly’s Hurry carry a fuzzy dreampop vibe that has a winningly simple hook and a cloudily sweet sound, this tune is like a cute girl handing you a fudgesicle on the dock, know what I mean? Can’t wait to hear more from this band.

  6. Nightmom – Domino/Girlswamp (Independent)

    Wow, what can be said about this amazing duo from Providence? You’ll be hooked right away from the driving, unrelenting beat and the fine splice of almost bluesy, blissed out psych of the first track. Then the chorus pedals kick us into totally different territory on the flipside. Simply stunning, a total joy of a band.

  7. Skurge – More Tales of the Toxic Transscape (Independent)

    Twisted sax driven jazz that brings Naked City to mind immediately. There’s a nice clash of instrumental flexing, while they know just when to drive a flaming bus through the proceedings. Blast beats mow down guttural sax riffs in this soundtrack to their personal dystopia, these players in Skurge are hard as fuck and they blow like it’s the end of the world.


    The beloved psych miscreants of Cambridge, CREATUROS peeled off the song of the summer when you weren’t looking. Full on sunny swagger and a hilariously tongue in cheek video to boot. Channeling cock rock with some psych’d out saucy, this track is some hot stuff, yowza.

    CREATUROS ~ Short Shorts from pRIMORDIAL sOUNDS on Vimeo.

  9. Comma – Singlemingle (Independent)

    This song gave me happy chills the first time I heard it, it’s some poignant shit. From New Hampshire, Comma are a trio of insanely talented players just pumping out some of the most sideways math/punk/pop beauty I’ve heard in awhile. One of those tracks that tie themselves to your emotions immediately, I hope hearts are won and lost in 2014 to this song. This band deserves your ears, people.

  10. Wake Island – Submarine (Independent)

    These guys are based in both Montreal and Beirut, and have a lush, full sound that balances songcraft well with hi-fi dub laced experimentalism. I like the vocals and for some reason I’m reminded of Talk Talk and the darker, more memorable bands of the 80s like Echo & The Bunnymen. I’m very stoked to hear more from these dudes.


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