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Chuck Foster: September 19, 2014

The Big Takeover 74 by Undiscovered Bum on Mixcloud

Here is my long overdue playlist to accompany my reviews for BT 74, out now.

  1. Cosmic Psychos – “Rip ‘N’ Dig”
    Cosmic Psychos are some true underground legends of Australian punk rock. By adding some fuzzy psychedelia to Detroit rock, they forged their own sound in the great Down Under. This song just exudes Australia, making it a fun, energetic opener. From the Go The Hack reissue on Goner.
  2. The Kidnappers – “East Berlin”
    Here’s a pretty cool German punk band bitching about German hipsters. From the “Pills” 7” on Secret Mission.
  3. Giuda – “Get on the Line”
    The second album from these Italian glam punkers was even more rockin’ than their debut, and this track rages roller-derby balls all the way from the arcade to the parking lot in the back where the aging jocks are smoking weed with the teenage girls. From Let’s Do It Again on TKO.
  4. The Linus Pauling Quartet – “USA!” [Alternate Master]
    The LPQ are more known for their Texan psychedelia than raucous punk rock, but this garage-y blast is just so damn infectious. It’s a different version from the vinyl release only available on the download. From the Find What You Love and Let It Kill You 7” on Homeskool.
  5. The Fall – “Rememberance R”
    An uncharacteristic Fall song that sounds more like The Birthday Party if they were led by a drunken Mark E. Smith. From “The Remainderer” EP on Cherry Red.
  6. Martin Bisi – “The Mermaid Queen”
    Martin Bisi has recorded some incredible musicians over the years, e.g., Sonic Youth, Swans, Live Skull and Lydia Lunch, etc. His sixth solo album incorporates choral opera into his post-punk compositions. This one sounds like Johnny Thunders knocking at the Gates of Heaven. From Ex Nihilo on La Société Expéditionnaire.
  7. Damien Jurado – “Silver Donna”
    I have to confess, I drunkenly requested this album thinking it was by Derek Jarman, a filmmaker who worked with Throbbing Gristle. Imagine my confusion when I listened to it. Fortunately, I love the album, as it’s the Seattle singer-songwriter’s spacerock opus. This song has a good bit of Hawkwind in it. From Brothers and Sisters of the Eternal Son on Secretly Canadian.
  8. Patrick Cowley – “Mockingbird Dream”
    Cowley was a bona fide pioneer of American electronic music. Best known for his production work with Sylvester and Indoor Life, as well as his own Castro leather bar hits, he also wrote fascinating compositions that fit more into the Berlin School than disco. These tracks ended up as gay porn soundtracks for Fox Studios. This is but one astounding track of many. From School Daze on Dark Entries.
  9. Swans – “Oxygen”
    Swans are back. Anyone who doubts should listen to 2012’s The Seer and then this album, which is like listening to a desert god destroy a city because he can. From To Be Kind on Young God.
  10. Soundgarden – “Nothing to Say”
    Before all the media hype surrounding Seattle’s music scene and painful pop excursions like “Black Hole Sun” and “Spoonman,” Soundgarden were some of the best protégés of SST rock north of LA. Recorded by Jack Endino in 1987, this track shows just how phenomenal they were. From the remastered Screaming Life/Fopp reissue on Sub Pop.
  11. Bardo Pond – “Fir”
    Philly’s psychedelic stalwarts keep getting louder as they get older. This ultra-heavy track is almost doom-y in its lumbering approach. From Peace On Venus on Fire.
  12. Mivos Quartet – “Corde Vocale”
    I don’t profess to know any of the mathematics behind modern classical composition, but I really enjoy Mivos’ passionate performances that sound like creepy Bernard Herrmann horror movie soundtracks. This 2011 Kanter Prize winner by Felipe Lara perfectly fits the bill. From Reappearances on Carrier.
  13. Thalia Zedek – “Fell So Hard”
    Having reunited with Come in 2013 clearly inspired Zedek’s future songwriting, especially here. From the Six EP on Thrill Jockey.
  14. Andy Shernoff – “Fisher of Men”
    As the bassist/songwriter of The Dictators ages, he contemplates his place on Earth and the role of religion amongst us. This surf-y folk tune clearly shows that he was, indeed, the main Dictator. From the On the First Day, Man Created God EP on Yazoo Squelch Audio Society.
  15. Scott Miller/Lee Camfield/Merzbow – “I” [EDIT]
    When former members of Oakland, CA’s Sutekh Hexen sent some basement recordings to the Japanese noise maestro, they received, in full, his production treatment. From No Closure on Cold Spring.


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