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Album Premiere: I Want to Live Here Forever by Little Slugger

Little Slugger - Photo Credit: Meera Jagroop
12 July 2019

Little Slugger – Photo Credit: Meera Jagroop

Brooklyn-residing (by-way-of-Burlington, Vermont) indie rock band Little Slugger are set to release their new album, I Want to Live Here Forever, on July 19th on CD, cassette, and digital, and The Big Takeover is pleased to be hosting its premiere today in full.

Little Slugger blends the grit of garage rock with infectious power pop melodies on the album’s dynamic and engaging 11 tracks. Lyrics are rife with relationship issues and break-up woes, but the pace is upbeat and propulsive, hitting it out of the park with powerful guitars, ethereal synths, and triumphant horns as they explore the fallout from shattered romances.

Little Slugger is built around the core duo of childhood friends Sam Bevet and Ben Chugg and grew out of a shared love for DIY pop music and a blatant disregard for genres. Bevet and Chugg spent the cold winters living in Burlington, Vermont, but took a chance on relocating when Chugg’s brother started renting a recording studio in Brooklyn.

Both recently single, recording became a way to channel turbulent energy, while deepening their friendship through a renewed focus on collaboration and creativity. Little Slugger soon became an all-encompassing passion project.

Collaborating with friends from Vermont and New York on all-night sessions, the end result is what you might expect to hear if Mike Mogis (Bright Eyes, Rilo Kiley, Cursive) produced The Raconteurs. Little Slugger also drew inspiration from Vampire Weekend, who had used the same room years earlier.

I Want to Live Here Forever teems with big hooks, vocal harmonies, crunchy rock guitars, and relentless pop energy , but also flows with a steady simmer of melancholy underneath. The album is marked by transitions: the dissolving of relationships, moving from one city to another, and the conflicting emotions that spring up in the wake of a relationship’s end.

There is the deep sense of loss, a yearning for a return to the comforts of domesticity, and the terror of suddenly being untethered and adrift. But there is also a sense of wild elation, as you realize you have absolute freedom to follow any road you choose. This is not a “sad” or a “happy” break-up album: it is everywhere in between.

Album Credits
Sam Bevet: Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Ben Chugg: Backing Vocals, Guitar, Bass, Keys, Trumpet
Liz Stafford: Backing Vocals, Bass, Keys
Tom Shahan: Drums
Grayson Webb: Lead Guitar

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