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Song Premiere: Davie Furey "History"

Davey Furey
25 April 2022

Photo Credit: Ruth Medjber

Irish singer-songwriter Davie Furey’s new single, “History,” is a Celtic-folk-infused, synth-bolstered anthem begging to echo off arena walls. It’s a sound as big as its carpe-diem call to action:

Stand up straight with your eyes wide open … If you’re not with me get outta the way … Now’s not the time for hard luck stories, now’s not the time for former glories … It’s our time, to make a bit of history

Initially, Furey says, the song was written for his friend, Irish boxer Michael Conlan—the fiery former Olympian who just challenged for the WBA world featherweight title. But it soon transformed into a meditation on reclaiming the direction of our lives in the wake of the pandemic.

“While I was working on ‘History,’ Michael was in my head,” Furey says. “To have him fighting for the world-championship belt, I thought it was something to be proud of. But as songs often do, it evolved into something much broader than that. It came to represent the last two years, which have, of course, been difficult—covid has changed us, changed our attitudes.”

“A lot of people were on their own during the pandemic, and when you’re alone you have a lot of time to think. People picked up new hobbies. They reconnected with their families, their pets and nature. Whether that persists as we get back into the normality of life, I don’t know. But for a lot of people, the experience changed the course of their lives. And that’s what ‘History’ reflects upon—the restoration of our lives.”

Big Takeover is excited to host the premiere of “History”, the new single by Davie Furey:

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