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Song Premiere: "Holiday" by The Pull of Autumn

The Pull of Autumn - "Holiday"
21 July 2020

The Pull of Autumn – Photo Credit: Matthew Darrow

Over the years there has been a lot of fuss over artists who have emerged from the Rhode Island-Boston music scene. With names such as Throwing Muses, Belly, The Pixies, The Dresden Dolls, Fred Abong, The Dresden Dolls, Jenn Vix, Freezepop, and The Del Fuegos adding relevance to a homegrown music scene that captured the spirit of American college rock (now well known on shores beyond), it is with pleasure that today we shine a spotlight on yet another collective from this fruitful region.

The Pull of Autumn is that very group – somewhat of a revolving door of artists curated by Daniel Darrow from Johanna’s House of Glamour and largely involving Luke Skyscraper (Fashion) and Bruce MacLeod.

On their latest single ‘Holiday’, they collaborated with Orange Cake Mix (a.k.a. James Rao) – yes, this is a remake of a particular Bee Gees track This rendition is a tribute to the ’60s with an added electronic element, melding ’60s pop into today’s post-rock movement.

The Pull of Autumn’s dreamily languid take on “Holiday” is steeped in retro psychedelia, swirling gently with reflective acoustic guitar strum, wandering and wavering synth lines, and hazy vocal rumination

Since its inception, this project as come to involve many emerging and notable musicians from the local music scene and from far abroad. For instance, their 2019 album Afterglow also featured contributions by members of Throwing Muses, Boyracer, Seasurfer, Hood, and *Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds*l.

This is the first taste of their new album Small Colors, to be released in autumn via Boston-based label RBM Records. The collective’s third album, this it is a tribute to many moods, ranging from British folk music and post-rock to jazz, ambient and electronic music. The album’s title represents Darrow’s return to a minimalist approach towards creating music.

This new long-play involves members of 4AD artists Dif Juz, Rough Trade artists Johanna’s House of Glamour and Butterfly Child, IRS artist Fashion, Epic 45, Boyracer, Perfect Disaster, Insides, Germany’s Seasurfer, Japan’s Broken Little Sister, vocalists Mina Hunt and Jeanne Batting, Colin Darrow and Matthew Darrow.

“James Rao originally recorded the sixties pop classic on an analog 4-track recorder. We wanted to keep the raw lo-fi sound while adding a more textured post-rock sound to the mix. With use of electronic elements and synths, we blended the two elements of sound together – one 60s pop bliss and the other electronic music to create a faithful rendition that is, at the same time, engaging post-rock,” says Daniel Darrow.

“Many artists reached out to contribute to make this album a full range of interpretations of sound .It’s thrilling to have all these amazing artists join together to create 16 songs that a channel the same voice – A love of creating beauty, even in these difficult times.”

Their debut album The Pull of Autumn was released in 2018 following the single ‘Not Coming Down’ featuring Luke ‘Skyscraper’ James, frontman of British new wave pioneers (and I.R.S. recording artist) Fashion.

The cover painting was created by artist Joyce Raskin, who is also bassist in Scarce and author or several books. Her painting fully represents the sound of the music.

Small Colors will be released on September 18 via online stores and streaming platforms like Spotify. It will also be available on CD, packaged in a gatefold 7-inch sleeve. The album can already be pre-ordered via Bandcamp.

‘Holiday’ written by Barry Gibb
Guitar and vocals by James Rao ‘Orange Cake Mix’
Keyboards by Daniel Darrow
Bass by Bruce MacLeod
Album cover painting by Joyce Raskin White

The Pull of Autumn
RBM Records
RBM Records